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floating solar farm in Australia

Google X – Floating Solar Farms

Years ago, visions of futuristic creations entailed self-driving vehicles, the ability to see a person a thousand miles away at any time and any place, and of course, clean energy powering the world. All...
Shanghai sky view.

China is Shining a Light On Solar 

China is a country that has a serious problem with pollution. But this doesn’t mean that people who care aren’t aware of the concern. As a matter of fact, in an effort to address...
Solar panels in solar farm

Solar Will Soon Power the World

Solar energy is abundant and renewable and there is evidence It can power the world. More and more countries are switching from burning fossil fuels to utilizing green energy – solar, geothermal, tides, and even wind. However,...
Solar Farm Home Depot

Home Depot: Shining A Light on Solar

Home Depot, Inc. is a corporation that recognizes the importance of going solar – the company’s plan is to install solar panels on the rooftops of many of their stores (50, to be exact)...
Auto dealership with rooftop solar

Speeding Towards Solar: Auto Dealers Recognize the Power of Solar

Many auto dealerships are going solar in an effort to save money and help the planet, too. SunPower® solar dealers are popping up across the United States. Many of these solar dealers are actually small...