CSU Pueblo is Making Solar Strides

Colorado State University-Pueblo is making solar changes. Check out the admirable steps being taken by this campus to become more energy efficient.


People and businesses everywhere are making strides. has now opted to make solar changes. How so? A purchase agreement was recently signed to bring a solar panel power project worth upwards of $17 million to the university. This solar panel project is going to function as the primary generating source for the campus. This is a solar change worth talking about!

Timothy Mottet, President of CSU-Pueblo, recently held a celebration along with other administrators to announce partnerships with CSU-Pueblo’s campus and Black Hills , Capital Dynamics and Johnson Controls for this solar project.

The innovative solar project makes CSU-Pueblo the first university in Colorado to reach “net zero electric” efficiency.

discussed recognizing the solar work as adding to the university’s goals and Governor Jared Polis’ renewable energy goals. Mottet communicated that this is a noteworthy step toward using renewable energy (such as solar) on the campus and lessening the environmental impact. He also discussed the university’s dedication to Vision 2028 and its guiding principles.

A Solar Panel Project for Sustainability

What are the guiding principles referred to regarding Vision 2028? There are eight of them, and one is for sustainability in terms of living. Resources should be dedicated and programs and policies developed to support sustainable living, according to Mottet. Moreover, Vision 2028 was created to fortify economic sustainability for the university. The solar panel project is certainly a positive step in the right direction. Solar for sustainable living is the way to go.

Mottet discussed how CSU-Pueblo has seen success with the government goals in Executive Order D 2019 016 from Polis, as the university has exceeded three of the four goals. Those goals include energy management, greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy – talk about taking things to solar heights!

A Solar Move for Greenhouse Gas Reduction

The state of Colorado wants to see a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to the tune of a minimum of 10 percent lower than levels seen in fiscal year 2014 to 2015. This should be accomplished by 2022-2023. Moreover, energy consumption should be reduced per square foot by a minimum of 15 percent by this same time. How does this solar friendly reduction impact departments and agencies? The amount of renewable electricity bought or consumed by state facilities will go up to 5 percent by 2022-2023.

Cabinet members at CSU-Pueblo and the campus System Board of Governors fully support this solar project. Things were able to move forward thanks in part to the support of program engineer at the Colorado Energy Office, Taylor Lewis.

In accordance with , System Chancellor, the pioneering spirit and initiative demonstrated at CSU are allowing CSU-Pueblo to be a leader for higher education and to become the first campus in CO to turn the solar goal into reality.

CSU-Pueblo had concerns regarding unpredictable energy costs in the Pueblo area. But the campus also demonstrated the want to become a leader in CO2 reduction and clean energy (such as solar power) usage. Consequently, the campus will benefit with a totally self-funded solution.

Solar Savings to Come

How does this solar initiative financially benefit the campus? There should be $2 million in savings over the course of the deal, with maximized 30 percent clean energy investment federal tax credits. And the amount of CO2 being saved by this solar focused project is worth talking about –it would equate to isolating a forest the size of the campus.

Chair of the CSU System, Nancy Tuor, was in agreement that CSU-Pueblo has become a higher education front-runner in terms of energy consumption. Tuor mentioned that all Colorado State University campuses share this commitment.

As per Mottet, this multi-year solar project will enable Colorado State University’s Pueblo campus to encompass energy costs where more resources will be dedicated toward their mission to develop students in such a way that they can navigate work and life in a quickly changing world.

Great things are sure to come from this solar panel project functioning as the primary generating source for the campus. Continue following solar news to stay informed!






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