is facing major destruction. The events that have been happening recently are absolutely devastating. This affluent country is home to millions of people who have long enjoyed its natural beauty. It has been a major seller of coal, and has exported fiber, food, and minerals to Asia. It has seen plenty of growth over the years. But now, climate change destruction is undeniably happening.  

Surely you have seen information on the recent, horrific that are burning this otherwise beautiful place. Millions of acres have burned because of southeast Australia’s brush fires. It has impacted the air in Melbourne and Sydney, forcing many to evacuate. Fires are bombarding the country – did you know that in six months alone, the fires have burned over twice of what was consumed by both the 2018 California fires and 2019 Amazon fires? The damage which can be linked directly to climate change, according to many, has been horrific. Earth’s ecosystems have been battered, as well.  

Climate Change is Leading to Irreversible Damage 

How is it all connected to climate change? Consider the Great Barrier Reef and the fact that in two years, from 2016 to 2018, half of the coral was killed as a result of oceanic heatwaves. These waves ultimately led to the starvation of animals. It can take roughly a decade for coral reefs to recover from this degree of damage. Climate change is occurring quickly, and this can essentially guarantee that more heatwaves will be coming soon. Global warming has to be stopped for the reef to survive long term. Climate change damage must be stopped to prevent irreversible damage.  

What can we do to save places like Australia in the wake of climate change? Can climate change be stopped or halted? There are steps that can be taken when it comes to global – nations can stop focusing so much on coal-burning and begin to think outside the box. Australia is the second biggest coal power exporter on the planet. This is a concern when it comes to climate change. 

Australia is Worried About Climate Change 

Polls show that the majority of Australians are worried about climate change. However, the government has not been able to pass much in terms of climate change policy.  

In terms of a recent political crisis, Prime Minister tried to pass an energy bill that had climate change policy included in it. This ended up prompting him being overthrown. Scott Morrison, the current prime minister, brought something unexpected with him to the floor of Parliament – a lump of coal. He did this in defense of the industry and won an election when he depicted climate change as a worry, if you will, limited to refined city residents. He made climate change policy out to be a threat to cars and trucks for Australians. He focuses on conveying the wildfires as events in line with preceding disasters, somewhat dissolving the link to climate change.  

But Australia’s wildfires are unprecedented. More than 20 people have been killed and more than a thousand homes have been burned as of this writing.    

Climate change is surely intensifying the continuing epidemic – drier and hotter weather leads to problems such as wildfires being more common. Did you know last year was Australia’s hottest and driest year on record? Clearly, there is a problem that needs to be addressed.  

Australia is being threatened and damaged because of climate change, perhaps even more so than other wealthy nations. Historic drought has occurred for much of the 21st century and climate change is threatening its oceans. Rising seas are threatening major cities, again due to climate change.  

Will pro-carbon members of Australia’s Parliament now comply with climate change action? Or will Australia continue to burn? Will climate change be viewed or addressed differently now? Perhaps politics will be pushed in a different direction. Australia is choking and it is devastating to watch. Hopefully what can be controlled, although it might seem minimal at the moment, will be controlled. Continue to follow climate change news to stay on top of what is going on across the globe. 






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