Tesla’s Massive New Home Solar Power System

Tesla is making an effort to revamp its solar business – the latest project encompasses the release of a whopping version of its newest home solar system.


is a name synonymous with technological advancements and innovative concepts. The latest news is that the company has released a huge, fresh version of its cutting-edge home system, which is comprised of a solar system apt for 4,000 plus square foot homes. 

In recent times, the corporation released a new solar rental service. Through this service, residential property owners are able to attain a solar panel system for merely $50 monthly. There is also a recently launched online ordering platform (commercial solar).  

Tesla has been making changes to its pricing, in hopes of making it easier and more transparent, while pushing products more aggressively. 

Tesla and its Simplified Home Solar Offering 

Let’s dive in a bit deeper…Tesla has restructured its home solar offering with an “X-Large” option suitable for homes that are 4,000 square feet and larger – it is being called a massive, novel solar rooftop option with a 15.2 kW capacity. If a homeowner sees an average electric bill in the mid $300s to mid-$400 price range each month, then this option just might be for them. This X-Large option is able to produce 58 kWh to 77 kWh each day on average. This is a substantial increase in comparison to former large home solar options – to the tune of 33 percent. Previous options include 11.4 kW (large) and 3.8 kW (small), just to provide a point of reference.    

In these aforementioned systems, traditional solar panels, rather than solar tiles, are utilized.  

The latest new massive solar system in California runs over $39,000 prior to incentives being factored in. With incentives, the cost can drop to a little more than $27,000. Tesla is offering a solar subscription program (no contract) for just under $200 each month.  

Clearly, Tesla is working on a facelift for its solar business. Did you know the company only recently started to upgrade solar roof tiles and just launched a new version of said solar tiles? According to , CEO of Tesla, fast-tracking solar installations is a huge priority, or more precisely, one of the two most important priorities, as the year comes to an end.  

Tesla Energy, according to Elon Musk, is turning into a utility that might outgrow the company’s auto business. And as per new building permits, more tents are popping up in , CA in an effort to cover solar test houses.  

The Solarglass Roof Worth Talking About  

Recently, Tesla began to take orders for the third version of its solar roof tiles. These have become known as the Solarglass Roof. It is unknown at this time how many households have made the pre-order payment for the Solarglass Roof, and it is currently unknown when these rooftops will be ready for installation. However, the news surrounding the Solarglass Roof has certainly been pushed. As per Musk, the company’s objective is to have 1,000 set up on a weekly basis.  

Tesla is a revolutionary company, so it is no wonder there is a major effort being made to revolutionize the residential solar system market. Allowing homeowners to take advantage of clean energy with low monthly payments is important. Imagine if all your home’s electric needs could be handled fully with clean energy? Clean energy is being made more realistic for families across the country, who normally might not be able to afford this option. But it is important that we make changes in how we do things on a day to day basis to ensure the health of our planet and those that inhabit it. It is important that we are mindful of the energy we use and make an effort to “go green” when possible. Tesla is granting residential property owners more power in terms of how they use their energy in comparison to having to rely on an electric grid. Hopefully, costs will continue to go down when it comes to solar power, enabling even more to take advantage of this limitless energy supply.  

Continue following solar news to learn more about the latest upgrades and changes!  





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