Critical year in Madrid for Climate Change

Madrid’s 12 month battle against rising temperatures caused by climate change has started, while UN delegates are gathering for very important discussions.


The 25th Conference of the Parties, otherwise known as COP, is gearing up to see a big turnout – negotiators from close to 200 countries are expected to attend this event.  

What is the 25th Conference of the Parties? 

What is the Conference of the Parties and how is it relevant to This conference was created to take the next steps in the United Nations climate change process. One of the chief goals is to finish matters regarding the operationalization of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.   

A dire warning relevant to climate change has been issued from the UN secretary general – and that is that our world has reached the point of no return. António Guterres mentioned that in regard to climate change, the global response up to this point in time has been completely inadequate. 

Recent history has revealed bad news regarding climate change. Consider these points, for example…greenhouse gas concentrations, in 2018, reached their highest level ever recorded as per the World Meteorological Organisation. There is a gap between the governments’ objectives to cut emissions and the requirement to stay under 1.5C.  

As per António Guterres, wmust stop digging and drilling and take advantage of the opportunities offered by renewable energy. Guterres announced that Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, will take on an important position – UN Special Envoy on climate action and climate finance. 

The conference was supposed to take place in Chile. But President Sebastián Piñera canceled it as a result of civil turbulence taking place in the country. This is when Spain stepped in, but Chile will still take the lead regarding diplomatic discussions.  

, Spain’s minister for the ecological transition, discussed how the 25th Conference of the Parties will reiterate that multilateralism is the best tool to resolve global trials such as climate change.  

Climate Change Goals for COP 

The expectation is that this meeting will concentrate the brains of international diplomats on the huge challenges regarding climate change. Governments have agreed to bring up-to-date their climate change pledges by 2020. Unfortunately, even though climate change experts urge otherwise, there has been nothing but slow developments when it comes to climate change action.  

Did You Know… 

Approximately 70 countries across the globe have pledged, by 2050, to be carbon neutral. There has to be an agreement among everyone to do their fair share, according to the Chair of the Least Developed Countries group in United Nations climate change negotiationsSonam WangdiIn accordance with Sonam Wangdi, it could be too late for 2020 pledges if an agreement does not happen in  

Climate Change: Funding Requests for Loss and Damage 

A key point to discuss is loss and damage. Here’s what is meant by this – these are impacts that are unpreventable or otherwise unadaptable. Damage can be repaired, but loss is when something is completely destroyed. Rising sea levels and storms relevant to climate change are two examples. Pressure from developing countries, back in 2013, led to climate change action discussions surrounding loss and damage.  

As the conference begins, climate change activists such as Lidy Nacpil and Naomi Klein have written to ministers requesting satisfactory funding for loss and damage. The belief is that climate change disasters can prove extremely harmful to developing nations. 

’s Harjeet Singh discussed how the climate change crisis has been causing despair and death, and how countries have been hit hard by climate change because of those who became rich off fossil fuels, and this bullying, if you will, needs to end immediately.  

When it comes to dealing with climate change, attempting to obtain an undisputed agreement between almost 200 countries is not an easy feat. Madrid will show us what can be achieved. Here (in Madrid), we will see if countries such as China and India will demonstrate leadership.   

It will be interesting to follow the 25th Conference of the Parties, and clearly, it is a big year for Madrid regarding climate change action. Stay on top of climate change news to learn about efforts being made across the globe. Remember, we all have a part in protecting our planet! 




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