Climate Change: Thousands Invited to Participate in Citizens’ Assembly

Thousands are being asked to join Climate Assembly UK events to examine the public’s part in addressing climate change & net zero emissions goals for the UK.

Earth in our hands

has become one hot topic. Many are standing their ground and demanding more action to combat the negative impact climate change is having on our planet. And now, letters are being sent to thousands of households – 30,000, to be more precise – across the UK urging people to take part in a citizens’ assembly on climate change.  

Did you know…following recommendations by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), the UK became the first major economy to implement an objective of attaining net zero emissions by 2050. It is an admirable goal, but according to many, it’s too little too late.  

Climate Change: Citizens’ Assembly Details 

Once the aforementioned thousands of participants are selected to partake in the citizens’ assembly, the meeting will take place in 2020. The conclusion will end up being shared with Parliament.  

Cross party MPs set up this climate change focused initiative, and will explore what members of the public can do in an effort to reduce CO2. As previously mentioned, the government has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 2050 to net zero. But is this enough?  

Chair of the BEIS (otherwise known as Business, and Industrial Strategy Committee), , mentioned how a clear roadmap would be required to attain the aforesaid goal. BEIS is one of six committees that commissioned the climate change assembly. Reeves mentioned the importance of public support for equitable solutions.  

It is clear that the people, government, and Parliament must work together to address the challenge of climate change. 

How were the invitees selected to attend Climate Assembly UK? The short answer is – at random. From the ones who respond, just 110 will be selected as a characteristic sample of the population. They will meet from late January over a time frame of four weekends in Birmingham. Discussions will include transportation issues relevant to climate change, as well as household energy usage, in addition to other topics.  

Climate Change: The Time to Act is Now 

is a name making waves in recent history, as they are becoming known for their protests. This is an environmental campaign group that is demanding a citizens’ assembly on climate change. The organization thinks a citizens’ climate change assembly is a good step, but they want to see carbon emissions cut to net zero earlier than 2050. , a spokesperson, discussed how waiting three decades to reach zero net carbon emissions is dangerous for people all across the globe. Doyle discussed how certain tipping points resulting from climate change are irreversible. It is critical that action is taken before irreparable damage occurs due to climate change.  

Public Support for Climate Change Action

 is an environmental group that has mentioned how citizens’ assemblies could play an important role when it comes to policy-making. And head of political affairs at Friends of the Earth (FOE), Dave Timms, mentioned how tackling the emergency surrounding climate change with the needed speed is going to necessitate adjustments to our infrastructure, economy and society – therefore, agreement among citizens is important. Timms discussed how there is already widespread support from the public for climate change action, but politicians need to get on board.  

Perhaps this is where citizens’ assemblies will come in. Citizens’ assemblies have been used in a number of countries. For instance, a panel of just under 100 people was established back in 2016 to examine topics such as abortion in Ireland. This notion just illustrates how these assemblies are utilized.  

Climate change is something that many people care about – and citizens’ assemblies might be yet another way to demonstrate that change is desired and needed. Clearly, these assemblies are used across the globe – could this be the next step in taking action to combat climate change? The UK – better yet, the entire planet, needs to explore how to end contributions to climate change. Citizens’ assemblies might be one such way to do this. The end goal is a healthier planet. Is this feasible? Keep following climate change stories to stay up-to-date on the latest events and happenings. There are climate change protests happening as this article is being written, and other efforts being made to fight for action on climate change. 

Are you on board? 



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