Three Major Cities and How Climate Change Will Impact Them By 2100

Climate change is a very real threat, and three major cities in the United States could see severe devastation by 2100 if we don’t make some big changes today.

Earth in our hands

is here and its effects can be seen today. Consider hurricanes such as Harvey and Maria, which caused major economic destruction and even death. Consider overflowing banks, flooding, melting ice and other warning signs that climate change is a real concern. Wildlife, economies, ecosystems, and human beings are all being impacted. Even the United Nations has issued warnings on climate change. But what is to come?  

Teen Vogue and Nexus Media partnered together to develop a timeline indicating how three major cities in the United States will be impacted by climate change by . The places examined have climate susceptibilities and geographic concerns. They include , , and . Potential concerns surrounding climate change include hurricanes, rising sea levelsand extreme drought. Keep reading for a deeper analysis. 

Are the Climate Change Predictions Realistic?  

You might be wondering – how were these predictions made? The timeline put together has been the result of a dozen experts on climate change weighing in through interviews and scientific studies. And the insight is scary. This is why the climate change crisis must be addressed.  

One projection is that sea levels will rise by the year 2100. Another is that temperatures will continue to rise. It is frightening to think about how our planet will be impacted by climate change if we fail to take action. 

Climate Change and Houston, TX 

Let’s start with 2100 in Houston. Temperatures are anticipated to have warmed nearly 8 degrees Fahrenheit here. During warmer months, average temperatures could sit at 100 degrees. How will this impact day to day life? The economy could shrink by upwards of 6 percent. Here is what this means – it will be more difficult for workersand the excessive heat could cause death. Sea levels could rise by up to six feet – and what about when water starts to make its way into town? What happens to chemical plants and oil refineries if they are flooded due to climate change? Toxic chemicals could be released as explosions could occur. Some of the city might remain safe, and people could flock to the parts that are safe, overwhelming resources.  

Climate Change and St. Louis, MO 

St. Louis is another city worth looking into, as temperatures could potentially go up 11 degrees Fahrenheit. In a city like this, summers will become intolerable and it will be too hot to be outside. Electric bills will rise – but if one can’t afford their increasing electric bill, heat stroke could occur. And let’s not forget the economy. Rising heat resulting from climate change could cause farms to see their yields cut. Speaking of the economy, the productivity of workers will suffer if it is too hot to work due to climate change. 

Climate Change and San Francisco, CA 

San Francisco could see temperatures increase by an average of 8 degrees Fahrenheit because of climate change. Snow might occur less frequently in the Sierra Nevada – mountain ranges with less snowfall will deprive the city of a water source. Meanwhile, seas could rise and places such as Hunters Point could see flooding. If sea levels rise, 13 million Americans could see their homes flooded. Residents would be forced to move to inland cities. Clearly, there are many potential problems that could occur in major cities in America by 2100 as a result of climate change.  

The threat of climate change is real. As Texas Tech University climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe communicated, “The future is not set in stone.” She mentioned how some change is inevitable but that the amount of change to be seen is going to depend on us and the decisions we make today to address climate change. She made a comparison regarding smoking a pack of cigarettes daily for years but not yet developing lung cancer.  

There are climate change protests taking place across the globe. is an anti-climate change group that spent the last couple of weeks in places such as Berlin and London. has become a household name as she continues to bring millions of people together in the fight against climate change. Continue to follow the news regarding climate change and stay in the know to learn of any climate change protests happening in a city near you. 




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