Solar Hyperloop – Is This the Future?

Visualize traveling via floating pods through tubes above ground at a speed comparable to an aircraft – now imagine if this Hyperloop system were solar-powered…


You might have heard of a new form of transport that is in development, called a . This system could send passengers traveling in floating pods through tubes, below or above ground, at more than 700 miles per hour. If this sounds like something straight out of a stellar sci-fi flick, or just the future, that’s because it basically is – it is an incredible, innovative concept that is coming to life as this article is being written. But even better, is involved. What does it all have to do with solar?   

The Future of Transportation…And Solar 

The future of transportation was recently on display in Kansas City – people were able to take a look at the first Hyperloop pod, better known as XP-1.  

This particular mode of transportation would be able to connect travelers from St. Louis to Kansas City in less than half an hour. This is a fascinating way to move people and goods fast. Thanks to an electric engine and magnets, a person would be able to travel at hundreds of miles an hour, realistically while holding a beverage in their hand. Keep reading to see where solar power comes in…

The several billiondollar project in Kansas City could become a reality within the next decade – the Missouri Hyperloop is a groundbreaking conception. This would obviously change how we travel. Goods could be delivered within an hour. We could connect with family members at the other end of the state at super speed. The possibilities are endless, just like there are so many possibilities with solar power.   

But what does this Hyperloop system have to do with solar? Keep reading, because the solar design is in the works!  

A Solar Hyperloop 

Now envision a (solar) Hyperloop network that is eco-friendly in design – think forests with wind turbines, modules that are powered by solar, and urban farming spaces and parks. Imagine a solar-powered dream! The good news is, someone already has imagined this solar creation.  

and Solar Goals

Hyperloop was first thought up by Elon Musk as a speedy transport technology. Transporting people through low-pressure steel tubes is both enthralling and ultramodernThe goal is to create connectivity between people and cities. The new design has been made by , Chinese architects, in partnership with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. MAD discussed how solar panel skin modules, which are able to bend, would make up the solar-friendly transportation tunnels. Along the Hyperloop system, you would find forests filled with wind turbines in addition to the inclusion of solar panels – the transportation network would use these forms of wind and solar power, and they would allow for a decrease in costs. 

Solar-Friendly All Around! 

One would not have to worry about traffic, because the solarpowered Hyperloop system would be placed above ground (roughly 7 meters high). This solar-friendly system would also allow land to be utilized in other ways because the space would be available. Now imagine green walkways and parks. How could you possibly dream up anything more innovative? This is a solar masterpiece!  

If you are not already impressed enough with this wind and solar-friendly transport system, consider this – urban farming opportunities have been incorporated into the design, with crop growing facilities included. Talk about taking things to solar heights! 

Where would one find a solar Hyperloop? It could go practically anywhere – a city, a farm, or even the desert. Speaking of the desert, pilot tubes have gone up in deserts in Dubai, and in warehouses in Europe, revolutionary pods are being revealed. Many large corporations are investing in this concept. Realistically, a solar Hyperloop could be coming to a city near you.  

It was reported to CNN by a Virgin Hyperloop One spokesman that there was hope a service could be running within the next decade, by 2029. This is certainly solar news worth staying on top of – so keep in the solar loop (no pun intended) and stay on top of the latest news to come out of the world of solar! Forward-thinking individuals and companies alike committed to solar and clean energy are working hard to bring major changes to the way we do things to improve our planet, save energy and of course to save costs, as an added bonus.  




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