Colorado’s Biggest Single Rooftop Solar Array Installed by Amazon

Amazon is making some impressive solar moves, having installed the biggest single rooftop solar array Colorado has ever seen. Here is what you need to know…


The biggest single rooftop array has been installed in , thanks to . The solar power array is located at a sizeable robotics fulfillment center – it sits at 855,000 square feet.  

Community leaders joined Governor  last week for the grand opening of the solar facility – there was excitement overseeing the more than 17,200 solar panels across 19 acres on a four-story building’s rooftop. This solar system has the ability to generate more than 6 megawatts of power. Electricity production is anticipated to begin in November.  

Amazon’s Solar Goals 

Amazon announced back in 2017 that it had a plan to install numerous rooftop solar systems over the course of the next three years, by 2020 – the plan was to install solar systems at 50 fulfillment centers in this time frame. Interestingly enough, this goal has already been achieved, as it was reached back in July, a year and a half early. The 50th project has now been finished, totaling capacity to the tune of 98 megawatts. The majority of the systems are in the United States (32); the European Union has 12 of them; and India is where 7 of the solar projects are located.  

Amazon general manager, , discussed the excitement from those at Amazon over being a part of the community of Thornton. The company takes pride in its fulfillment center. Dudek mentioned how the building has advanced management systems, remote and power monitoring, and LED lighting.  

There are many employees helping to keep things up and running at Colorado’s biggest single rooftop solar array in Thornton. There are more than ,500, to be more precise, working with Amazon robotics to assist with packing and shipping items. Some of these items include kitchenware and toys. Note: more than 3,500 people are employed by Amazon in the state of Colorado. 

As per Amazon, the massive solar panel installation covers the size of roughly 10 football fields or 19 acres. The expectation is that enough electricity will be produced each year to power more than 880 homes. The numbers are quite impressive.  

, Amazon Renewable Energy Director, mentioned how they were able to get in to fill the whole roof with as much solar as possible. Even more remarkable is that Amazon is trying to add clean, renewable energy to all buildings.  

Since 2017, Amazon claims to have invested more than $1.5 billion in Colorado through its customer fulfillment substructure and compensation to its employees.  

Solar Accomplishments  

Many don’t know this, but Amazon was ranked 1 in America last year by the Solar Energy Industries Association () for corporate on-site solar installation. What does this mean? Basically, the company’s solar installations in the United States alone work to offset equal to the amount of CO2 released by 200 million miles of deliveries by truck. Clearly, this is a company with a commitment to clean energy and moving up in the world of solar. More information on Amazon’s pledge to sustainability and how the company is focused on reusing, recycling, and cleaning up our planet can be found by clicking here 

It is always good to discover major corporations making moves when it comes to cleaning up our planet. Amazon has certainly demonstrated a commitment to going solar. The biggest single rooftop solar array having been installed in Thornton, Colorado is one huge, positive move in the right direction. Just imagine if all of America’s biggest companies were to use their innovative ideas and talented team members to make such a positive difference. But let’s not only focus on huge companies – there are many things that individuals can do to make a difference, too. Think about solar moves you can make – and if you don’t have the option to install solar panels at your business or home, consider the impact you could have by simply making more of an effort to reuse and recycle products. Continue to follow solar news to stay on top of what is happening across the globe!  



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