Amazon Announces New Solar and Wind Projects

Major corporations are jumping on board regarding clean energy solutions, such as solar and wind power. Amazon, the renowned tech giant, is no exception.


 recently announced that it will invest in a brand new and wind project in both and the United States. Production is expected to start in 2020. And the details are quite impressive!  

In Cork, Ireland, a wind farm is anticipated to generate a great deal of each year – to the tune of 68,000megawatt hours – this is equal to just over 23 MW of capacity. Out in Pittsylvania County, will be a solar farm capable of producing 100,000 MWh of energy per year – this is equal to 45 MW of capacity. The numbers are certainly impressive. For the record, when discussing capacity, one is referring to the total amount that can be produced by installations rather than what is currently being generated.  

Amazon’s Solar Projects Are Changing the World 

Amazon’s solar projects are currently making some huge, much-needed changes for our planet. The additions of the aforementioned solar and wind projects are going to bring the total number of renewable energy projects for Amazon up to 66. Data centers for Amazon Web Services will benefit from the energy supplied. And you might be impressed to read that solar projects for Amazon in the U.S. alone have counterbalanced the equivalent of 200 million miles worth of deliveries by truck thanks to the amount of carbon dioxide being offset.  

, director of sustainability for Amazon, discussed in a statement how important it is to address our carbon footprint on a global level, and investments in clean energy such as wind and solar are a major step in doing this. Hurst mentioned that Amazon will keep investing in similar projects. She recognizes the importance of reducing climate change induced by humans when possible. Clearly, this is a forward-thinking company committed to the future of our planet.  

Again, Amazon now has a total of 66 renewable energy projects (including solar) globally – it just so happens that 51 of these projects encompass solar rooftops. The total capacity for Amazon’s renewable energy projects is admirable – they can deliver more than 3.9 million MWh of energy on an annual basis.   

In Ireland, a wants to see 70 percent of electricity come from renewable sources (such as solar energy) over the course of the next decadeby 2030. Ireland’s Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton, discussed the importance of industry leadership in reaching this goal. There is no doubt that Ireland is making strides toward becoming a clean energy leader.  

Other Major Companies Going Solar 

Amazon isn’t the only major company going solar and taking advantage of renewable energy. Other companies are doing the same thing. In accordance with the Solar Energy Industries Association, has the most installed solar capacity in the United States. In the 2018 Solar Means Business Report, on-site and off-site solar installations were looked at. The top spot went to Apple. Their Cupertino, CA headquarters happens to be powered by 100 percent renewable energy, from sources such as biogas fuel cells and solar installations. Specifically, the company has more than 393 MW of installed capacity, including 17 MW of rooftop solar installations. 

Other companies on the list included Targetand Google. Target was one of the top three according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, with just over 242 MW of installed solar capacity. 

Corporate Solar Adoption is Clearly Growing 

As per the Solar Energy Industries Association, corporate solar adoption is increasing. The numbers over the last few years have been quite impressive. As a matter of fact, since 2016, more than half of the total capacity has been installed in the United States.  

It is always fascinating to learn about the latest solar and wind projects. Staying up to date regarding solar news offers hope that there are both individuals and organizations that care about making a positive difference for the health of our planet. Consider differences that could be made on a smaller-scale regarding clean energy solutions. If we all make an effort, we can make a huge impact on our planet.  



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