Solar Bill Approved to Help Customers Save on Power Bills

Customers in South Carolina are saving money on their power bills and making environmentally-friendly moves thanks to the recent approval of a new solar bill.


Lawmakers in South Carolina have approved a bill that will ensure the rooftop solar industry does not collapse. It will also protect customers who want to see cost savings through the installation of panels on their rooftops. 

It took negotiation over a twoyear period between clean supporters and utilities to get to this bill. Once Governor signs the bill, it will become the law. Apparently, McMaster has, in fact, agreed to sign the bill according to his spokesman Brian Symmes. The bill was voted for earlier this month and it was approved by the House shortly after.  

Helping Rooftop Solar 

Deputy Director of the Conservation Voters of , discussed having deliberated on innovative legislation for clean energy, and the belief is that this will ultimately be incredibly helpful for rooftop solar.  

Caps and solar-leasing program limitations have been eliminated as a result of this action. Now, those interested in having rooftop solar installed will be able to get better pricing from power companies when it comes to the energy produced. In two years, the rate structure is going to be revisited by the state Public Service Commission.  

Because of this bill, rooftop solar companies are able to keep offering arrangements in terms of leases which make it cost-effective for locals to install these panels. Without the bill, the solar panels would be quite expensive to buy. Additionally, homeowners can avoid putting money down for solar panels, as per national rooftop solar company Sunrun.  

Solar Companies: Coming to the Palmetto State 

Prior to a 2014 law being lifted, the solar industry in South Carolina practically did not exist. The aforementioned law made South Carolina one of the least welcoming spots to install solar in America. Now, solar companies are moving to the state.  

It’s been a question for years for utilities whether those utilizing would cost them as well as non-solar consumers. The belief was that non-solar consumers could end up subsidizing solar consumers. Last year, utilities led by Duke Energy slayed legislation that would have lifted limits on solar development.  

In accordance with many individuals, such as , , solar power is great for customers and provides them with the choice to produce some of their own energy. Davis believes people are now seeing the need for clean energy, and it is an important piece of Legislation.  

During the day, thanks to solar panels, homeowners are able to lessen the need for power company energy. And if they produce excess energy, it is sent for utilization on the energy grid.  

Because of the current law, those with solar panels receive a credit or payment for producing solar energy in a process known as net-metering.  

The recently approved solar bill maintains rooftop solar costs so they are the same for customers who decide to go solar by June of 2021, after which point the PSC would determine the amount homeowners would be compensated by utilities for their energy. Those who install solar from now until June of 2021 could see good rates through 2029.  

The legislation, aside from lifting rooftop solar caps, settles a quarrel between Duke Energy and mass solar farm developers regarding the length of energy contracts. 

The companies which supply energy to utilities through the development of solar farms claim that they require 10year contract minimums with power companies to get loans to build the farms. Duke Energy, though, was not willing to offer 10year contracts, so it became problematic for developers to obtain financing. Thanks to the bill, some solar developers are guaranteed 10year contracts 

Solar energy is important, not just because it can save money, of course, but because it is environmentally-friendly. It does not contribute to global warming like natural gas plants and coal do, and it does not pollute the air or create waste.  

Thanks to clean energy, we can lessen our dependence on damaging power plants. South Carolina is certainly making positive moves. How is clean energy impacting life where you live? Keep reading solar news – it sure is fascinating to follow!  



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