Small Solar Cells Could Soon Power Your Smartwatch

There are many impressive changes happening across the globe in terms of solar – but can you imagine your smartwatch being powered by small solar cells? 

smart watch

The world just seems to keep finding more and more ways to innovate. From smartwatches to small , things are changing fast and many different sources are being used to power the planet, to include and wind. Who would have thought there would be a connection between solar cells and smartwatches? Yes, these things might end up going handinhand – well, the smartwatch will stay on your wrist, but it could be powered by small solar cells at some point in the near future!  

This concept is mind-blowing, but let’s break it down. Solar can be converted into electricity by means of the utilization of solar photovoltaic technology. What is photovoltaic? In a nutshell, it’s just a way of converting light from the sun directly into electricity.  

Photovoltaics: The 411  

Photovoltaics can be described as a modular technology, at least according to the (IEA). It is able to be rolled out in small quantities. Here’s what this means – systems can be small or they can be big. As a result, you might have a system utilized on a calculator, for instance.   

Photovoltaic technology does have an important role in terms of the energy mix of our planet. In accordance with the International Energy Agency, accumulative solar photovoltaic capacity (back in 2017) hit just under 400 gigawatts. This led to the production of over 460 terawatt hours. What does this mean? Well, it accounted for approximately 2 percent of our planet’s power output. 

3G Solar PhotovoltaicsMaking Big Moves via Small Parts 

Photovoltaics is a business in Jerusalem that has a goal of making photovoltaic technology a fundamental part of our everyday lives. The company develops dye solar cells and these solar cells, amazingly, have the ability to power electronics. The solar cells do this through the utilization of LED lights and indoor fluorescent lights.  

The concept comes down to the fact that small scale solar cells can be set into electronic devices that we use on a day to day basis.  

3GSolar’s technology is not limited to applications which are theoretical in nature, however, a relationship with global brands has not been announced at this point in time. But, certain businesses, such as Belgian’s e-peas, have used their photovoltaic cells for Bluetooth low energy sensors. And Israel Aerospace Industries-BEDEK hosted a competition in June of 2018 in which 3GSolar was named as one of its top three winners. Now, the company is starting a project to integrate cargo tracking systems with photovoltaic technology. 

According to 3GSolar’s website, the company is able to use mini PV cells to harness energy from the environment, and create innovative possibilities for wireless electronics. This gets rid of the need to have to change and functionality is improved, too, because more energy is available for devices 

So Long, Batteries! 

3GSolar can help to remove the need for batteries. The CEO of 3GSolar, , discussed how billions of batteries get thrown away every year. Thanks to 3GSolar, there will be less waste, because there will not be any batteries to throw away. This could replace conventional batteries altogether. 

Clearly, there is a great deal of innovative technology being brought to light. Just imagine if a device such as the smartwatch that you use on a day to day basis, were to be powered by small solar cells? The possibilities begin to seem endless. Other technology could also be powered by these cells. It’s very interesting to think about the direction in which the world is moving. 

How is solar changing things in your life? Are you noticing changes where you live, for instance, solar panels going up on rooftops? Think about ways that you can make a difference to better our planet. Whether you opt to use solar-powered technology, or even lessen the number of plastics you use on a day to day basis, there are so many ways to make a difference. Follow solar news so you can stay in the know regarding extraordinary changes being made across the globe. It’s interesting and beneficial for all, to say the very least!  




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