SunPower Oregon Facility Creates Nearly 20% More Efficient Solar Panels

Four short months after SunPower’s acquirement of SolarWorld, the Hillsboro manufacturer began producing highly efficient solar panels known as Performance Series, or P-Series, solar panels.


An Oregon company known as SunPower recently went public with further news regarding their manufacturing and assembling processes. In recent years, SunPower had been at the forefront of solar energy news, particularly in connection with German-based company, SolarWorld. After a 2017 tariff imposed by President Trump mandated a 30% increase on solar cell and solar module imports, SunPower acquired much of SolarWorld’s assets. SolarWorld was particularly affected by this tariff and eventually declared bankruptcy, seeking relief from other solar energy manufacturers to bail out the company entire. It was through this bailout that SunPower was able to acquire SolarWorld’s Hillsboro, Oregon facility, among other assets once owned by SolarWorld in the United States. 

In April of last year, SolarWorld stated that the acquisition was seen as a, “new chapter in American solar panel manufacturing,” and would allow the facility to continue to develop and create cutting-edge solar energy technology. These sentiments were primarily directed at the Hillsboro, Oregon facility, which is one of the largest manufacturers for solar power in the United States. 

SunPower’s Performance Series Solar Panels 

Just four short months after the details of SunPower’s acquirement of SolarWorld’s assets were finalized, the Hillsboro manufacturer began producing highly efficient solar panels known as Performance Series, or P-Series, solar panels. These solar panels are engineered specifically to take advantage of all available space on the solar panels. SunPower developed their Performance Series solar panels to have increased efficiency of nearly 20%. According to their website, this means that over the course of 25 years, compared to conventional solar panels, the Performance Series panels are 19% more efficient 

Several factors have allowed SunPower to create even more efficient solar panels than we have seen in the industry thus far. Three primary factors add to the efficiency of the P-Series solar panels. The creation of a ‘hypercell’, which is a configuration of layered solar cell strips, allows for the greater use of the solar cells themselves. More cells are able to be compiled within one area, leading to increased efficiency and power. Second, the adhesive used for the solar cell configuration is based on aerospace technology that allows for a better flow of electricity and also reduces the risk of power deficiencies or solar cell failures. The last factor is the highly unique architecture of the circuits in the cells. This set-up helps to increase the reliability and efficiency of the solar panels. The Performance Series panels have a shingled design in order to combine and accommodate the three primary elements needed for their enhanced efficiency. 

Celebrating the Hillsboro Facility 

The release of the Performance Series panel model is perfect timing for both the solar energy industry and SunPower. Tom Werner, SunPower chairman and CEO, stated that the revival of this solar energy production facility in Hillsboro is to be celebrated. He and his team look forward to meeting commercial and market demands for solar panels produced by United States manufacturers in the coming months and years. In addition to their P-Series solar cells, SunPower also manufacturers what are known as X-Series and E-Series models. The X-Series is targeted at larger commercial spaces, while the E-Series is suitable for a variety of commercial and domestic uses. 

About SunPower 

SunPower’s global headquarters is located in Silicon Valley and was established in 1985. In the 1970s, co-founder Dr. Richard Swanson began pondering a solution to the impending oil and energy crisis in the United States. Over the course of the last four decades, Dr. Swanson and the dedicated team members at SunPower have worked with various partners in the solar energy industry and even NASA. In 2014, they celebrated the manufacturing and creation of their one billionth solar energy cell. Now holding more than 750 patents in the solar technology realm, SunPower has undoubtedly proven themselves to be one of the top innovators for solar energy technology and efficiency. 

For more information about SunPower and their Performance Series solar panels, as well as other innovations they provide for solar energy consumers, visit their website at 




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