University of Northern Iowa and a Solar Panels Incentive

There is a huge push for clean energy happening in Black Hawk County, as UNI is offering an easy transition for those interested in solar power.


is visibly pushing for clean . experts are offering the opportunity to transition very smoothly from coal-fired power to renewable energy.

University of Northern Iowa’s Center for Energy & Environmental Education energy program manager, Eric Giddens, discussed how this is a big opportunity for many people. He mentioned how customers will be able to save money when it comes to their utility bills with a solar system, and that they will more than earn back the initial installation costs of the solar system over its lifespan.

The program is called “Go Solar” and it offers farms, residents and businesses in Black Hawk County the option to take advantage of lower energy rates while having the ability to lower greenhouse gas emissions. More and more Iowans will have the chance to go solar because of this group-buy program.

In comparison to the majority of Midwest states, as of October of last year, Iowa had the most small-scale solar installations. This is in accordance with the Iowa Environmental Council.

What is the Go Solar Program, Exactly?

The “Go Solar” program is going to start with a sequence of instructive seminars through March about solar energy benefits. Anyone who might be interested will be able to obtain a complimentary energy analysis from installation company in Dubuque, which has partnered with University of Northern Iowa for the program.

Giddens commented on how this is a wonderful proposal and an excellent opportunity for both businesses and residents in Black Hawk County with regard to solar power.

Eagle Point Solar is a member of the Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber, which is dedicated to assisting Cedar Valley businesses so they can thrive. CEO of the Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber, Cary Darrah, talked about being happy to partner in this solar effort to offer instructive seminars which are going to endorse sustainable benefits and cost savings for those seeking to improve their bottom line. And the good news is that the more people who sign up, the higher the discount will be for the group overall. Who doesn’t appreciate cost savings?

-CEEE director Kamyar Enshayan elaborated on the solar group-buy option, mentioning how it makes sense financially and environmentally. The more people who opt to buy solar, the more the cost will drop. It certainly sounds like a win-win!

There is potential to offset a large amount of the grand total – 70 percent – when it comes to the systems with federal and state tax enticements that are presently available, as per Giddens.

Solar Costs Are Dropping

The price for solar energy overall is beginning to drop. Data offered by the Iowa Department of Revenue suggests that average residential solar costs per kilowatt in 2014 were just a little over $3,380, but in 2018, they dropped to just over $2,710. This is certainly noteworthy and wonderful news for anyone interested in going solar.

In terms of U.S. states, Iowa sits at number 16 in the technical potential for solar energy production. As per the Iowa Environmental Council, the state boasts enough solar production to power half a billion homes each year and has the ability to meet annual electric needs more than 150 times over.

Regardless of where the state stands in terms of clean energy headship, Iowa is still one of the most coal-dependent states in America. All of its coal is imported from outside the state, costing hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Iowa utility companies have made huge contributions to the state’s solar grid. The biggest community solar project in Iowa was built by Cedar Falls Utilities, and Alliant Energy in Dubuque built the biggest solar project at a single site in Iowa.

It certainly appears to be time to “go solar.” Have changes been made in your state in terms of going solar? Follow solar news so you don’t miss out on important information and interesting projects – clean energy is certainly worth paying attention to!




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