Major Growth in Solar Rooftop Applications in Nevada

Solar panels are going up everywhere, all across the globe. But in Nevada, a report shows an impressive 450 percent growth in 2018 solar rooftop applications!

Roof top solar system
Roof top solar system

recently released an impressive report called, “December 2018 Renewable Generations.” This report highlighted remarkable growth in the industry. It demonstrated that because of the work of the 2017 legislature, thousands of applications for rooftop solar projects were filed last year. And at this point in time, more than half of those rooftop solar projects have been completed. The numbers (discussed below) are hugely impressive, as they indicate a 450 percent growth over 2017 for solar applications. Wow!

Why Are These Projects So Important?

In addition to the obvious (solar and renewable energy improve the planet and health, work against global warming, and so on) these solar projects help to lower utility bills for consumers and they create jobs. The solar projects have been possible because of the bipartisan clean energy bills which were signed into law back in 2017.

Locals and renewable energy advocates in Nevada are, undoubtedly, happy about this report. Frank Rieger, CEO for Sol-Up USA, viewed the report positively but did note the fact that there is still work to be done for Carson City in terms of advancing renewable energy.

According to Rieger, rooftop solar projects becoming more popular demonstrates what happens when leaders come together to improve the clean energy economy of Nevada. But of course, more can still be done. Rieger suggested the legislature build on its success through nurturing the growth of community solar gardens, in an effort to let consumers (regardless of income) produce their own solar power. Enacting a strengthened Renewable Portfolio Standard, as called for by voters last year when they passed Question 6, to encourage electric vehicle usage is also a good idea.

Clean Energy News in Nevada Worth Talking About

In a nutshell, Nevada Energy’s Renewable Generations report demonstrates an increase of 450 percent in solar power interconnection applications in 2018 versus the year 2017, and half of those solar systems applied for have been installed, as previously mentioned. This is great news overall and illustrates the action Nevada is seeing in terms of solar projects. Last year, the bottommost price for a solar power purchase agreement was revealed, while residential solar power growth saw a rebound.

The rebound in solar power growth seen in 2018 was much like a return to normality. NV Energy had pushed for the elimination of , which in turn led to the 2016 collapse of solar power. Of course, voters as well as the legal system pushed back. Net metering was reinstated by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to persons who had already signed two-decade long contracts.

Overall Clean Energy Growth in Nevada

Clearly, over the course of 2017, in addition to total volume demonstrated major growth. The numbers are certainly worth mentioning. More than 15,000 solar power net metering applications were submitted while more than 5,580 systems were installed. In the Nevada Energy region, there are over 24,000 small solar projects.

But there’s more on the horizon…

Currently, permission is being pursued by four solar companies to build electric generation projects in Northwest Nevada. One of these projects includes a 500-megawatt solar generating facility by Candela Renewables. Crescent Valley Solar Energy has also filed an application to start construction on a power transmission line to connect a 150 megawatt solar generating facility to the grid. Another project is a 190 megawatt solar plant, proposed by Lovelock Solar. The fourth project would entail RE Prospect building a transmission line to connect its 175 megawatt to the grid.

Clearly, Nevada has a great deal of potential when it comes to clean energy. It is no wonder rooftop solar applications in this state are growing as much as they are. It will be interesting to see what happens in Nevada in the future. Keep following solar news so you don’t miss out on the latest projects and developments. Don’t forget to keep your eyes opened in your own neighborhood, so you can see what is going on where you live!




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