Google Will Run on Over A Million Solar Panels at New US Data Centers

Google has a plan to purchase 100 percent carbon-free energy, and running its new data centers on 1.6 million solar panels is a step in the right direction.


is making big moves. The company plans to have its new data centers in the United States run on 1.6 million . This is all part of the company’s goal to buy 100 percent carbon-free . There will be extraordinary solar farms helping to achieve this remarkable goal. Read on for more information on the impressive solar moves being made by Google!

Google, founded in the late 1990’s by two Ph.D. students at Stanford University, is a major company just about everyone has heard of. You might use Google as your primary search browser when you are online at home. Or perhaps you use Google for work. Regardless, it is the most widely utilized search engine on the World Wide Web, and more than three billion searches are done on a daily basis. Going solar is a huge step in the right direction for this enormous company. Taking advantage of solar power will absolutely be a worthwhile effort.

Millions of Solar Panels Will Power New Data Centers

The data centers will receive their power from more than 1.5 million solar panels. There will be solar farms helping to accomplish this. The two biggest solar farms are expected to produce approximately 150 megawatts a piece. In terms of renewable energy/solar projects, these are going to be among the biggest in the Tennessee Valley region. They will hold the title as the largest solar farms ever made for Google. The two new data centers are going to be in Tennessee and Alabama, and they are part of a multi-year deal with the .

This incredible solar deal is going to cover 413MW of solar capacity. According to a statement released by Google, the new data centers in Alabama and Tennessee will be matched with 100 percent renewable electricity from the start of their operations.

Solar Goals: Carbon-Free Energy for Data Centers Across the Globe

Back in 2016, Google mentioned that the corporation intends to source carbon-free electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for each of their data centers. In 2017, Google attempted to reach their 100 percent renewable energy acquiring objective. At this point in time, in accordance with the company’s October 2018 report, the tech giant has sourced carbon-free energy for its data centers in Taiwan, North Carolina, Finland, Netherlands and Iowa.

The tech giant has mentioned that the new solar installations will translate to approximately 72 per cent of its data center electricity usage in Tennessee and Alabama being matched each hour with carbon-free sources. This is in comparison to the local electricity grid, which is 48 percent low-carbon. Going solar is absolutely an important move.

Tennessee Valley Authority’s senior vice president of Economic Development, John Bradley, mentioned that businesses such as Google which are top-tier decide to invest in the Valley because of the diverse energy portfolio offered by Tennessee Valley Authority. When huge amounts of renewable energy are delivered at competitive prices, excellent jobs are created and the Valley becomes an even more desirable place to do business.

Solar Moves Worth Talking About!

Clearly, Google is making big solar moves, and it is certainly worth talking about. Many other major companies are on board with going solar, as they recognize the ability to save money and save the planet. Continue to follow solar news to stay in the know, as many companies and individuals alike are turning to clean energy such as solar power in order to make a positive impact on the planet. Think about what you could do to make a positive difference, too. If you are not going to be home all day, make sure to turn off the lights! If you have a pet at home, perhaps leave the blinds open to let some natural light in. Make sure to turn off the water when it is not in use. These are simple steps we can all take every single day to help our planet. If you have the option to look into solar panels for your property, this is certainly a choice worth considering.



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