2030 Solar Target of 50 GW Set for Italy

Over the next decade, Italy plans for solar to dominate with regard to energy. PV could soon embody over half the power generation capacity from renewables.


’s new has been issued by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE). In terms of renewable goals, this proposal has offered transparency in explaining strategies regarding /clean energy for the course of the next decade. It is certainly worth talking about!

Big Goals for Solar

The 2030 target for solar power generation has been raised to 74 TWh from 72 TWh, as per this clean/solar energy plan, and the installed capacity goal is 50 GW. The installed PV capacity for Italy is close to 20 GW now, so roughly 7 GW will be needed in order to meet the Ministry of Economic Development’s goal of 26.6 GW of PV capacity over the next six years.

The expectation is that solar is going to ultimately represent over half of the renewable capacity for Italy. Numbers such as 93.1 GW are expected, up from approximately 54 GW now. Hydropower is anticipated to be the second biggest renewable energy source (19.2 GW), and wind and biomass will follow relatively closely behind hydropower.

Solar Complications

It has been specified by the Italian government that ground-mounted PV will need to be implemented with an insignificant loss of agricultural land. In accordance with the document released by the Ministry of Economic Development, the goal is to support solar power generator installation, but primarily in places such as sheds, buildings, car parks, service areas and so on. This doesn’t take away from the concept that dispersion of big ground-mounted photovoltaic solar systems is important in order to reach goals for 2030, but places not intended for other uses will need to be utilized.

So what are the complications regarding taking full advantage of solar power? The availability of land seems to be an obstacle, as is the approval process for developing large-scale PV.

Gianni Silvestrini, renewable energy consultant, told the government needs to define transparent rules lessening the timeframe and pushing the participation of local realties in order to reach solar goals for 2030. The challenge is in the adaptation of guidelines as well as the clearness of the authorization processes, according to Silvestrini.

Large-Scale Solar Deals

Challenges to reaching solar targets aside, in recent months, Italy’s private PPA segment has seen a growing number of deals for large-scale solar. In the near future, it is anticipated that Italy’s first auction for large wind and solar PV projects will be issued.

Other Important Steps Being Taken

Recent solar news indicates Italy is looking to block gas and oil exploration licenses and, as mentioned, the government wants to considerably increase the share of renewable energy in Italy’s power mix and overall energy consumption (to include in transportation). The present government strongly backs Italy’s push to have as much renewable energy in its energy consumption as it possible can, such as solar power. The preceding government also supported the growth of clean/solar energy sources and set goals of phasing out coal-fired electricity by 2025. Obviously, there are clear goals being set regarding solar power and other sources of renewable energy in Italy. This isn’t anything new, as even back in 2017, roughly 35 percent of Italy’s energy production came from solar power and other renewable energy sources. Italy continues to make moves in the right direction – a direction that perhaps others can take note of and follow in order to make our planet a healthier, cleaner one.

Solar Leaders

For the record, in regard to solar power capacity ownership, EF Solare Italia SpA is now at the top in Italy – the company has upwards of 800 MW in 17 regions.

Continue to follow solar news to learn what is going on across the globe with regard to solar power and other sources of clean energy. Clearly, countries across the planet are taking note of the significance of going solar and taking advantage of clean, renewable energy. Hopefully, even more will follow suit!









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