How Freedom Forever Became One of the Top Solar Energy Companies

Freedom Forever is an excellent example of integrating sound business management with creativity in order to handle rapid changes and growth in the field.


Managing a company today is unlike operating a traditional business or utility company. Due to the many challenges and rapidly accelerating developments that occur monthly in the solar energy field, businesses in this sector must have leaders on staff that know how to navigate accelerated growth and continual advancements. Those currently successful in the solar energy industry have a strong background in business, but also the flexibility to grow a company as the field continues to change rapidly.  

One particular solar energy company known as Freedom Forever is an excellent example of integrating sound business management with creativity in order to handle rapid changes and growth in the field. Freedom Forever and their staff are all too familiar with the challenges that come about when working in business management. CEO of Freedom Forever, Brett Bouchy, with his former experience as a private equity executive for Arena Football League, is well versed in management and organization. His business sense and leadership style has grown nearly as much as the solar industry itself, making him the perfect fit for this ever-growing solar company. 

Leading and Serving the Solar Industry 

In a recent interview with Chief Executive, Bouchy detailed the personal leadership philosophies he adheres to in order to maintain Freedom Forever’s position in the solar energy industry. As the revenue for Freedom Forever has doubled every year since 2017, Bouchy has stuck to two primary processes in order to help perpetuate this growth in the solar field. Primarily, he believes working as a team is the best way to help the company flourish. He shies away from embodying the traditional CEO or head manager stereotypes. Instead of telling his team what to do, he works with them to solve problems unique to their role in the solar industry. He deeply values the idea that, “the best way to lead is to serve everyone around you,” and it is from this perspective that Freedom Forever has become such a positive entity in the solar energy field.  

His second focus is on standardization. This is primarily because standardized processes will allow Freedom Forever to maintain consistency. When Bouchy first joined Freedom Forever back in 2015, he was taken aback by the lack of processes surrounding cash flows and general customer relationship management. These are especially critical for solar energy and solar utility management companies and some of the first processes he implemented. 

Focus on Employee Well-Being 

Another secret to this solar energy company’s success is focus on employee morale. Freedom Forever is unlike any other solar energy business. Located right in their building, will find a 6,000 square foot space known as the Fun Room. Filled with 60 retro arcade-style video games, ping-pong tables, and foosball tables, here employees can take a mid-day break to truly relax and have fun. Bouchy expressed that it is important to him that he knows his employees enjoy their time while they are there. 

It is truly remarkable that Bouchy has been able to enter into the solar energy field for the first time in his career and establish processes in Freedom Forever’s financial and customer management systems that work efficiently, build rapport with Freedom Forever’s solar energy customers and associated solar utility networks, and grow the company beyond expectation. Additionally, Bouchy has been able to create a culture within a solar energy company unseen by any other competitor. The focus on practical, effective business strategy, as well as knowing how to keep customers and employees happy, has created the perfect environment for Freedom Forever to thrive.  

Serving Solar Energy Customers 

Freedom Forever helps solar energy customers find ways to lower their utility bills through solar energy utility investments. Their dedication behind-the-scenes allows them to help solar utility customers in the best possible ways. They primarily help solar energy customers manage and take advantage of tax credits. Freedom Forever also works with their customers to help them choose the best possible solar utility investments, as well as providing exceptional warranties. Saving their customers money, as well as creating a positive experience with solar energy, are goals all solar energy companies should aspire to achieve. 




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