Second Biggest Solar Array in Long Island Is Coming Online

Solar changes are coming to Long Island and they are worth talking about. A 24.9 megawatt solar array is about to launch at Shoreham Solar Commons. Take a look!


In , NY, the former in Shoreham is about to go solar. Toward the end of November, it was announced by a Duke subsidiary that a 24.9 megawatt array is getting ready to launch in the most recent wave of comprehensive solar energy projects. The focus on renewable energy is clearly becoming more and more popular, and this is very exciting news!

What’s Happening?

This massive was sold to Duke Energy in 2017 after being developed by Invenergy. The expectation is that 3,500 homes will be able to be powered by the amount of solar energy produced. There is a 20-year contract with Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) and the cost will be roughly $177 million. Since July, it has been producing power. Shoreham Solar Commons, where the solar project is located, is roughly 60 miles east of Manhattan.

The solar project sits on 150 acres. Another solar project is nearby on 60 acres. Both of these properties were previously owned by DeLalio Sod Farms. Some demonstrated concern regarding home values that might be impacted by the huge field of panels. However, according to people like , Brookhaven Town Councilwoman, the solar arrays are a passive use of the property. She stated that tax payments from this solar project are anticipated to go up to $900,000 per year, for the fire departments, local library and primarily for the Shoreham/Wading River school district.

Shoreham Solar Commons

Shoreham Solar Commons is the Invenergy array and it is the second biggest on Long Island. Number one is Brookhaven National Laboratory’s solar farm. However, the title isn’t expected to hold for too long. Why? Because Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) has contracted for numerous other big solar arrays on farmland as well as other plots of land in Riverhead/Calverton. According to Public Service Electric and Gas Company () Long Island’s director of power resources and contract management, Jim Parmalee, one of these solar arrays will be a 36-megawatt project that might be up and running by the year 2020. He anticipates bigger solar projects in the future because of more land becoming available and technology continuing to develop. This makes sense and it is an obvious step in a positive direction for our planet.

More than 50 business, energy and community leaders came out to a ribbon-cutting ceremony last month for the . The goal is to provide renewable energy to customers that they can afford. Who doesn’t want to use clean energy in an effort to improve our planet and overall heath, for a price that is budget-friendly?

President of Duke Energy Renewables and Distributed Energy Technology Rob Caldwell expressed excitement over being part of the first large-scale renewables venture in New York State. Caldwell discussed how the solar project is going to deliver environmental and economic benefits alike to both the state of New York and the local community. If this sounds like a concept worth talking about, that’s because it is!

Why Is This Solar Project So Important?

Integrating this massive solar project into the Long Island Electric System offers many benefits. It offers clean energy and assists Long Island in lowering its fossil fuel dependence, according to vice president of power markets, PSEG Long Island’s Paul Napoli. The goal, for the record, is for New York State to achieve 50 percent renewable energy by the year 2030.

Here are the key points to keep in mind: as previously mentioned, this impressive solar project has the ability to generate up to $900,000 in annual tax revenue. The clean energy produced could end up displacing tons of greenhouse gas emissions – think 29,000 tons a year. Close to one million megawatt hours of renewable energy could be produced over its lifetime.

The second largest solar array in Long Island has a lot to offer. Continue following solar news so you can stay in the know regarding the latest developments!




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