Albertus Magnus College to Receive Innovative Solar Panel Installation

The project itself will install solar panels on top of parking lot carports in order to bring solar energy utility to the campus.


College campuses are rising up to implement and properly utilize for reasons such as reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and reduced costs overall. One particular college in New Haven, Connecticut just celebrated the construction of the first phase of their brand-new solar panel installation project. Albertus Magnus, on November 15th or this year, celebrated the start of their innovative and much anticipated solar panel installation project in a ceremony attended by leaders and supporters from across the state. The project itself will install solar panels on top of parking lot carports in order to bring solar energy utility to the campus. The 770-kW photovoltaic solar power system set to be constructed will not only take advantage of existing structure, but will ultimately offset electricity consumption on the campus.  

Part of what makes this particular solar project special, is that it makes use of space already available on the campus. By building solar panels on top of carports in the existing park lot, there will be minimal construction and interference with everyday campus life. The payoff will be almost immediate and will set the stage for more solar and renewable energy projects to be set into motion on the campus. Albertus Magnus has only just begun their ultimate journey towards reinventing their campus for purposes that align with future focused goals, such as environmental protection and energy savings and efficiency. 

Vice President for finance and administration at Albertus Magnus College, Bill Hawkins, told Market Watch that this particular carport rooftop solar panel project is just a part of the campus’s overall goals in regard to solar energy and sustainability. Hawkins stated that the carports offer the perfect solution to bringing more sustainable solar energy to the campus. By using the parking lots already in existence and building solar carports, he and other leaders on the project are confident that the utility savings, as well as the environmental protection offered by the solar carport panels will ultimately help the college continue to pursue its solar and sustainable energy goals.  

The 770-kW carport solar panel system upon its completion is estimated to produce nearly 924,000 kilowatts of electricity per year. This is the same as eliminating the amount of greenhouse gases caused by nearly 150 cars every year and preserving up to 140 acres of forest over the course of the systems’ lifetime. The innovation of the solar project itself, as well as these environmental contributions, are right in line with the kind of mindset and example Albertus Magnus College has envisioned for the future of their campus.  

In addition to the carport solar panels, there is also a plan to build solar rooftop panels on top of the campus athletic center, which will impact campus utility costs and efficiency even more. 

Partnering with the Right Organizations 

Albertus has teamed up with solar energy experts such as Green Street Power Partners, LLC (GSPP), as well as Shawmut, Swinerton Renewable Energy (SRE) and the United Illuminating Company in order to bring this project to light. Green Street Power Partners, LLC, with their headquarters located in Stamford, Connecticut, has completed solar construction projects for commercial and business buildings for New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.  

Chief Executive Officer, Scott Kerner, for Green Street Power Partners, LLC told Market Watch that he is proud to be a part of the teams that have come together to work on the various solar projects at Albertus Magnus. Kerner mentioned that the kind of, “forward-thinking mindset,” shown by leaders at Albertus College and the values that drive the campus solar energy projects are centric to their own mission at Green Street Power Partners, LLC as a solar utility provider and leader. The partnerships that have come together and the cooperation that has taken place in order to make these campus solar projects possible sets an example for surrounding campuses and opens up new possibilities for how colleges everywhere might be able to follow similar solar plans. 

Albertus Magnus College is a Catholic college that follows the Dominican Tradition. Founded in 1925, the college has been recognized worldwide, even earning a spot in the Top 100 Regional Universities according to US News & World Report on the best colleges of 2019. 



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