Mayors Joining Forces to Bring Solar Energy to Cities Nationwide

The Mayors for Solar Energy Project believes that solar energy is the solution for sustainable utility nationwide and that mayors can play a particularly crucial role in helping bring solar power to their communities.

Mayors for Solar Energy Project
Mayors for Solar Energy Project

An important and emerging advocacy initiative for power is starting to gain traction nationwide and in the solar power industry. Mayors for Solar Energy, with the help from the organization Environmental America, aims to bring clean and solar power utility provisions and project planning to city governments by working with city mayors. With states like California pushing for 100% renewable and solar energy utility usage in the coming decades and communities all around the world focusing on the construction of solar energy projects, the hope is that this initiative will help cities accelerate their solar energy growth. By working closely with mayors in various cities around the country, Mayors for Solar Energy will help mayors, city councils, and local governments to better understand the advantages of solar energy, and also help guide them with the practical steps needed to move forward with clean and solar energy utility projects.  

Helping to Maximize Solar Energy Potential and Benefits 

According to Environmental America, the United States receives enough sunlight to be able to generate 100 times more than our nation’s current electricity needs. However, only 2% of our current electricity utility nationwide comes from the sun. Mayors for Solar Energy believes cities can help lead the way to help push this number higher and bring more solar energy power to their local communities.  

The Mayors for Solar Energy Project believes that solar energy is the solution for sustainable utility nationwide and that mayors can play a particularly crucial role in helping bring solar power to their communities. Their overall goal is to encourage and support mayors nationwide to go all-in on solar energy utility in their communities. Mayors for Solar Energy recognizes the benefits for both residents and businesses when it comes to implementing solar energy and overall, wants to help bring more local control to communities for their renewable resources. 

Improving Communities, One Mayor at a Time 

So far, Environment America’s Mayors for Solar Energy program has gained more than 200 signatures with at least one mayor from every state representing one of their respective cities and supporting the initiative. Environment America anticipates the support for the Mayors for Solar Energy program will continue to increase, especially as more and more cities demand that local officials consider cleaner and more environmentally friendly ways of accessing utility. 

The first goal of Mayors for Solar Energy is to build visibility in and around cities in regard to education and implementation. This requires the function of their second goal, which is to provide support and direction for future plans. Lastly, one of the main goals of Mayors for Solar Energy, is to help provide the resources that cities need to effectively use, distribute and maintain solar energy utility. 

Tapping into Unlimited Potential 

Supportive collaborations such as these are a step in the right direction for cities and statewide representatives. Leading by example has proven to be a crucial component in encouraging others to get behind solar energy. When residents see the mayors of their cities putting an added emphasis on solar power and renewable energy and even, perhaps, participate in using solar utility themselves, they will pay attention. The more we can have government representatives at every city and state level push solar energy, the more we can continue to move in the right direction towards a more sustainable and clean energy future, as well as a healthy future for our planet. 

By thinking globally, but acting locally, Environment America, in conjunction with the mayors that support the Mayors for Solar Energy program, will help bring these renewable energy utilities and resources into full fruition. By tapping into our greatest environmental resource and harnessing the power of the sun, solar energy has the power to transform our entire world. Only through local, city-level support can we eventually hope to power the entire world via solar and renewable energy.  

To learn more about Environment America and their Mayors for Solar Energy initiative, visit the link here: 



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