Tesla Cuts Pricing to Make Solar More Affordable

Tesla is making solar more affordable, and the cost savings customers are about to see are considerable. Read on to learn about future changes.


is making some changes with regard to costs – and they are quite substantial. The company is cutting prices on solar systems up to 20 percent, which speaks volumes about the progress the company has made in restructuring the solar sales process. The corporation has been able to accomplish this through the integration of Tesla products into existing high-traffic storefronts. The changes will be quite appealing to customers.

Significant Solar Savings!

Interestingly enough, according to a spokesperson for Tesla, integrating solar products into Tesla’s retail stores and increasing efficiencies (which have been recognized over the last year), combined with closing door-to-door sales, has led to the ability to lower prices for solar power systems. Customers can expect to see savings in the range of $3,000 and $5,000. This significant change is expected to fast-track the transition to solar. There will also be efforts made to lessen the time it takes to install solar after the purchase has been made. It sounds like a win-win all around!

Tesla has a mission to fast-track the transition the world is making to clean, sustainable energy sources, such as solar power. Streamlining the solar sales process supports this mission. The company recognizes the importance of creating progressive products at competitive prices but also challenging the use of fossil fuels. It is important to prove that choosing clean energy, or , at home is easy, and quality of life does not have to be sacrificed to make this solar change.

Tesla’s solar products and their new pricing models are going to reveal the overall price tag on bigger solar systems dropping more than 20 percent – the average consumer will see a price reduction in the 10 to 15 percent range. And who doesn’t want to save up to $5,000, on average? Cost savings are just a bonus when it comes to the shift toward a cleaner, healthier planet.

Steps in the Right Direction

Those interested in going solar are going to see Tesla’s competitive pricing system as a huge bonus. The company is still able to generate incremental profits without the addition of real estate expenses or staffing. Clearly, integrating the sale of solar products into merchandising stores is a step in the right direction.

As previously mentioned, in another step in the right direction, Tesla is attempting to lessen the amount of time it takes to install a solar system once the contract has been signed. The efforts the company has made in the direction of simplification will lower the wait time for customer service calls, too, and allow for faster permitting.

Bringing the manufacturing of Tesla’s solar offerings in house will help to streamline the pricing of solar systems. This vertical integration is one of the strengths of Tesla in terms of the auto industry – it looks as though it will be a strength in the solar business, too.

The creation of Tesla’s very own solar panels and other parts gives the company an advantage over competitors such as Vivint and Sunrun. These two companies have to buy the equipment they install from other vendors, which of course adds more to the cost of the contract price for the customer.

Big Solar Moves

There are major moves being made in the transition of our world to renewable energy sources. As a matter of fact, in the third quarter of 2018 alone, Tesla deployed more than 90 megawatts of solar energy generation systems (93 megawatts, to be exact). Clearly, the company is on a mission – a solar mission. , senior vice president of energy operations at Tesla, stated in an interview with Reuters that the cost reductions should make the firm very competitive. According to Shah, Tesla would like to become the lowest-cost solar provider in America. This is an admirable goal, to be sure.

There are so many moves being made toward a cleaner, healthier planet. Keep reading solar news so you don’t miss out on any progressive new projects coming to light.






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