First Solar Partners with Facebook to Provide Data Center with 100% Renewable Utility

Solar energy utility company, First Solar, has entered a partnership with Pacificorp and Facebook to bring a project named the Cove Mountain Solar Project to life.


Facebook’s Prineville, Oregon data support center will now be home to a brand-new, and innovative  project. This particular solar project is just one component of a greater solar plan that will eventually allow the facility to run on 100% renewable energy. Partnerships among multiple companies such as this, coming together to bring solar power projects to life, is nothing new. In fact, we are seeing more and more leaders from worldwide corporations and solar energy companies come together like never before to meet economic, energy, and environmental goals. 

First Solar’s Vice Presidents of Markets, Origination, and Government Affairs, Eran Mahrer, expressed to Solar Power World Online late last month his enthusiasm and excitement about the current collaborations. He mentioned that their cooperative solar projects, in particular, highlight the benefits of partnering with other businesses in order to make solar power and other renewable utility most effective for all parties involved. Facebook Energy Strategy Manager, Peter Freed, shares the same vision. He appreciates First Solar and their efforts to ultimately bring renewable solar energy to their data center.  

Leading the Trends for Corporate Solar Power 

Senior Director of First Solar, Karl Brutsaert, mentioned to Solar Power World Online that solar energy has become, “one of the cheapest sources of new energy generation available in the United States,” and that he is proud to be a part of helping companies such as Facebook bring their vision for solar power utility into reality. Brutsaert also stressed the importance of integrating solar utility into business for not just economic reasons, but also for environmental reasons, as well. This focus on making wise economic decisions, along with upholding the highest environmental protection standards, is why First Solar is the perfect partner for Facebook’s solar projects.   

Brutsaert continued on to explain that First Solar is equipped to work with corporations worldwide in order to help them reach their solar energy goals, thanks to First Solar keeping up with the latest trends in solar power. Generating reliable and efficient solar utility for large, corporate facilities has been one of their primary objectives as a whole as they continue to make a name for themselves in the solar power realm. Their business models, which integrate various goals with the intent of meeting many broad purposes, have given them the reputation they hold today.  

More Benefits for Prineville 

The Cove Mountain Solar Project will not just benefit the Prineville Facebook Data Center in terms of day-to-day utility usage, but construction alone is expected to add a minimum of 200 new jobs to the area. Those numbers could more than double during the peak construction periods for the solar powered data center, with nearly 500 jobs predicted between construction, maintenance, and operation of the facility. This is great news for surrounding residents and the economy in Prineville as a whole.  

First Solar is one of the world’s leading solar power developers, having financed, developed, and engineered many of the largest PV power plants that exist worldwide. Their focus on sustainability, as well as using the latest and most innovative technology, has put First Solar at the top of list for many companies that desire to make the transition to more renewable utility. This exciting opportunity for the Prineville Facebook Data Center in Oregon to work with First Solar will surely elevate their business model as a whole and introduce a new and more efficient functionality to the day-to-day functioning of the facility. 

Construction on the Cove Mountain Solar Project for Facebook’s data center in Prineville, Oregon is set to begin in late 2019. Official commissioning of the project is scheduled to be completed sometime in 2020. 



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