The City of Pueblo, Colorado is About to Become Even More Livable

In a game-changer for Pueblo, CO, two solar projects will be constructed to help families – and the planet. This will make the cozy city even more livable.


Located less than an hour from Springs is beautiful , Colorado. Here, residents enjoy a fairly low cost of living, outdoor activities, arts and more.  It is a city consistently ranked with a high livability score. It’s about to become even more livable thanks to the recent announcement of two projects by . Read on for more information!

What is Community ?

Community solar, in essence, allows anyone to “go solar.” Basically, it is almost as though a person’s rooftop is covered in , so they are able to enjoy financial savings – but the solar panels are, in point of fact, located elsewhere. Low-income homeowners, renters and multi-family properties are able to participate. These individuals and families might not have rooftop solar as an option because they live in an apartment they rent, or maybe trees are in the way, blocking their roof. Either way, there is a reason they are otherwise unable to take advantage of this form of renewable .

to the Rescue

GRID Alternatives Colorado (an affiliate of GRID Alternatives, the largest nonprofit solar installer in the country) will be constructing the clean-energy projects with the objective of expanding environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy to families that otherwise are unable to install rooftop solar on their own.

Cost-Savings and Community Development

The majority of the solar capacity to come from the 2.5 MW solar projects (60 percent) will be utilized to offer cost savings for affordable housing customers and low-income customers in the Black Hills’ Southern Colorado service territory. Moreover, solar industry workforce development training will be led by GRID Alternatives Colorado throughout the duration of the solar project. Volunteer opportunities will also become available in the community.

In accordance with Black Hills Energy’s VP of operations, Vance Crocker, the goal is to create options for customers with an interest in renewable energy (or solar energy) and to deliver reliable energy for 96,000 Southern Colorado customers. Solar or renewable energy will become more accessible to locals.

Executive director of GRID Alternatives Colorado, Adrienne Dorsey, made a powerful statement. Dorsey discussed how GRID Alternatives Colorado recognizes the fact that renewable energy has the ability to lift up communities. It really does!

A Great Partnership

GRID Alternatives Colorado is front-runner in making affordable solar power and solar jobs accessible to those in underserved communities. Their partnership with the is sure to lead to great things.

Solar is not only taking off in the city of Pueblo. As a matter of fact, 2.5 MW of community solar was completed by Black Hills Energy in Ordway and Rocky Ford, CO earlier this year. Community solar projects like these have helped to add more renewable energy choices for consumers.

GRID Colorado is doing great things. Since 2013, more than 5 megawatts of solar have been installed for low-income families. In addition, more than 2,300 persons have finished job training over the last five years. A $1.2 million community solar pilot project was completed in 2017 with the Colorado Energy Office. This was created to showcase the benefits of community solar for low-income communities across the state of Colorado.

Construction is expected to start on these solar projects by June. The solar gardens should be in service by November, according to spokesperson for Black Hills, Julie Rodriguez.

The solar gardens are sure to make a difference in the city of Pueblo, CO. Perhaps other cities will follow suit. There are so many renewable energy projects popping up all across the country. It is wonderful when people and corporations come together to try to make the world better, more affordable and cleaner. How is clean energy changing your community? Have you seen rooftop solar going up on new homes or even old homes in your neighborhood? Keep looking toward the future and keep following solar news! Stay tuned to discover upcoming solar projects dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet, and those who live here.





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