Airport in Africa Goes Solar

An airport in Kenya is about to offset 1,300 tons of carbon dioxide per year thanks to an upcoming installation of a 500-kilowatt solar system. Get the details!


You might have heard of a relatively new concept – airports using power. Airports in both India and Hawaii are doing this, and for good reason. Solarcentury, a respected solar business founded back in 1998, recently announced that a contract was signed with the International Civil Aviation Organization. The plan is to commence work at , which is located in Mombasa, a seaport city on the coast of Kenya.

Offsetting Carbon Dioxide

According to , 820,000 kilowatt hours of would be produced each year thanks to this solar system, which would in turn offset more than 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year. To be more precise, it would offset 1,300 tons of CO2. Undeniably, it can be difficult to understand numbers when it comes to “weighing” energy. For the record, one ton is the equivalent of two thousand pounds of carbon dioxide. It’s an impressive number, to be sure!

Moi International Airport is East Africa’s first airport to have solar installed. The solar photovoltaic system’s photovoltaic cells will convert light from the sun into electricity. The objective is admirable, to say the least, and things will soon be up and running.

Going Solar by 2019

It is anticipated to take roughly 10 months in terms of construction for the solar system which, by 2019, will produce solar electricity.  The European Union is funding a $7.4 million initiative that this solar project is a part of. It was implemented by the ICAO.

A total of 14 countries are being targeted through this solar initiative and the goal is to cut carbon dioxide emissions in the aviation sector.

Kenya Airports Authority’s managing director, Jonny Andersen, has stated that the combination of a reduction in carbon emissions and savings on electricity would work to contribute toward effectual operations of Moi International Airport – clearly, there are both savings and benefits involved with going solar.

This airport is not the first to go solar, as you might already be aware. Hawaii’s Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye International Airport is going to see more than 4,200 solar modules installed in the near future – and according to the Department of Transportation, power created by the solar panels is going to cut the electricity bill as a whole by close to half.

– Recognizing the Power of Solar

In the state of Kerala, claims to be the first to be completely powered by solar energy. There are more than 46,000 solar panels in its system. Actually, this airport received the highest environmental honors from the United Nations when it was awarded the Champion of Earth Prize. It’s easy to see why – the airport’s solar plant creates up to 60,000 units of electricity on a daily basis to take care of its energy needs.

Clearly, there are many steps being taken toward having a better world with cleaner energy. This new system at Moi International Airport is going to be interconnected to the airport terminal grid. Solarcentury is going to set up airport gate electrification equipment made up of a PCA unit (electric powered pre-conditioned air unit) and a GPU converter (Ground Power Unit). There will also be a large battery storage that is going to be providing power to the GPU and PCA.

Visionaries all across the globe are helping us to reach new heights with regard to environmental sustainability. Perhaps in the future, much of our energy will come from solar power – or at least, from clean energy sources.

Are there solar steps being taken in your area? Have you noticed changes being made, for instance, solar panels going up on rooftops? The solar initiative taking place at this popular is meant to help with carbon dioxide emissions from international aviation – but the positive impact it could have, in many ways, is sure to be substantial. How could things change by you? If we work together, there are so many ways we can improve the world. Follow solar news to stay in the know! You might just discover something that sparks an idea – and ideas can change the world.





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