Scottish Power to Invest 100% in Renewables with First Investment in Solar

Scottish Power has presented the plan for its first investment in solar power to date.


As a part of the company’s overall move away from fossil fuels, Scottish Power has sold off its last gas-fired power stations to Drax Group, another leading British electricity firm.  

This is a clear view of the UK’s step toward overall movement into renewables is the fact that this big six firm made this sale last week as the first action to begin focusing on renewables including onshore and offshore wind farms, with in the mix as well. Additionally, the company’s CEO, Keith Anderson stated his own personal intentions to move forward with solar power as well. 

Although Scottish Power recognizes the challenges to the solar market in the past the company has taken a firm step, even if it is a risky one, toward going green. The use of solar will apparently be integrated with their current use of wind, especially considering the fact that they balance with one another seasonally on levels of output. With this balance, Scottish Power has stated that they see a true potential in the future investment in solar. 

Solar Integration in the UK: Ideal Climate for Renewables 

Existing solar farms in the UK were most often built by small energy firms and community organizations. Considering this, the integration of a big six firm in the market could increase dramatically. The sector has stalled in the past given the nature of cuts to earlier subsidies, but now other company’s may have something to follow in the trail of Scottish Power. 

Another reason for combining solar and wind in the existing UK renewable energy sources comes from the weather this past summer. Having been hot, dry and still, the ability for wind to produce a great deal of energy was not so much. Therefore, it would be beneficial in those days to have solar power as a secondary energy resource.  

Apparently, even the CEO of Scottish Power, Anderson himself, is open about the statement that the company moved to 100% renewable energy because it is cheaper than other sources. Luckily, this is one very large company that agrees to work with the problem of climate change and overall reduction of the carbon footprint as well. This is something that can make an impression on so many other companies worldwide, as Anderson stated so outright in his presentation to the public last week. With such a step toward the front of positive change. 

While so much research has been done here in the U.S. on the efficiency and economics of renewables, there have not been statements like this by our energy companies. While many of our businesses and corporations have at least partially entered the trend, the power grid for consumers is still supplied well over half by fossil fuels. 

Planning to Have Green Energy in Most UK Homes by 2030 

Another plan of Scottish Power is a contract that has been planned for a 1,2000 MW East Anglia Three Project. This would have the potential to power almost a million homes and basically cut out the current largest in the world, a 659MW plant off the Cumbrian coast. 

With all of the positive evidence that Scottish power has presented in the economic benefit of solar and renewables as a whole, Anderson added his own confidence that a reverse of the block on subsidies may be coming. This originally occurred in 2015 when the Conservatives banned onshore wind farms. With these advanced steps, this could mean improvement in the UK and worldwide. 

Last week, a poll taken throughout rural Scottish communities found that roughly two-thirds of the population is in support of onshore wind farms, where most of the sites for these renewables would be located in the future. The other factor in the case are two other big power companies, Drax and RWE, still looking to progress with gas power, were actually shrinking in business. There actually don’t seem to be any plans to build a new gas plant in the area, giving Scottish Power great hopes for the steps they have taken. 




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