National Solar Tour Features City Councilman’s Home

Did you see Don Preister’s solar home on the national tour this weekend? If you missed it, read on and check out the schedule to catch some other solar homes.

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There are some so committed to protecting the environment, they deserve recognition. Case in point: , . During a national tour held this past weekend, his home was open for all to see.

What is The ?

During this amazing tour, one has the ability to get to know solar owners, to learn more about how solar works, and to find out more details on the process of going solar. This tour is worth a look for anyone interested in possibly installing solar panels or for anyone wanting to show support for renewable . Solar enthusiasts come out from all over the place to attend the event.

Don Preister is a solar enthusiast certainly worth talking about. Preister describes being in a state of progression as it relates to awareness and the capacity to transition. 28 solar panels are installed in his backyard. He lives in a 1960’s ranch home and he purchased these solar panels back in 2016 for $20,000. Clearly, he cares about the environment and about the future of our planet.

Because of Preister’s commitment to being environmentally-friendly, he has made a national list of solar homes. He mentioned that he could practically compete with California and Arizona, stating, “We’ve got as much solar radiation virtually as they do.”

Solar Benefits: Making Money and Saving the Planet

Here’s the kicker – Preister makes money from the solar energy his Bellevue home generates. He managed to end up with a $13 credit recently for the month because he used all of his electricity but sold it back. Who pays for the extra power? Omaha Public Power District. His home is one of the 84 solar homes in Omaha Public Power District’s county territory.

One might wonder what happens on overcast or cloudy days. The solar panels Preister has installed generate enough electricity to power his electric car and home, even on days that are cloudy. Impressed yet? His electric car can get 100 miles when the battery is fully charged. He’s surely on the road to success.

He claims cost savings are to the tune of $400 to $500 per year on gasoline. But one of the admirable perks is that Preister is not polluting the air. Going solar has clearly served him (and the planet) well.

Going solar isn’t the only thing Preister has accomplished. Interestingly enough, he has not needed to put trash out for three years. This is because he puts yard waste right back into his garden, and he uses stored rain to water. Mowing is something he only needs to do one or two times per year. In his home, glass jars are used rather than plastics, and plastic bags are cleaned and recycled.

It doesn’t seem as though anyone could get as close to zero carbon footprint as Preister, unless they were completely living off the grid. This says a great deal about the benefits of going solar and pursuing an environmentally-friendly lifestyle overall.

Note: The National Solar Tour is organized in partnership by Solar United Neighbors and . These organizations are working to make solar accessible across the United States. Check out the link for more information by clicking here and discover the next solar home tour by you.

Have you taken steps to go solar? Have you noticed any homes in your neighborhood with solar panels? There are so many ways we can work together to help the environment – let’s be sure to do our part! Continue to follow solar news to stay in the know – there are many innovative people out there and they are worth checking out.


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