New Indiana Solar Park to Save Millions of Dollars

Close to 2,000 solar panels went online in September at a Tipton, Indiana campus. What does this new, innovative solar park mean for the future? Check it out!


has become a household term all throughout the country. As a matter of fact, is becoming popular across the globe. It has been used to help those facing the aftermath of extreme weather conditions. It has been used to save lives! The benefits of solar seem to truly be endless.

, Indiana’s Huge Solar Project

In the latest news, a project consisting of just under 2,000 solar modules is beginning to make waves. This solar park will provide power to the and it is anticipated to save $2.2 million over the next two decades, as per school administrators.

, Superintendent of the Tipton Community School Corporation, has stated that the solar project will be able to produce up to 600 kilowatts of power. This is significant and the generated should be responsible for 85 percent of the entire district’s energy usage – the numbers are staggering! This is a move designed to save natural resources while offering energy for free. Moreover, the move will provide educational opportunities for students, faculty and guests.

Clean Energy: A Priceless Solution

Last spring, construction began on the solar field. It went on the grid in the middle of September. The solar project is being funded through a bond sale and is estimated to cost $1.2 million. Indianapolis-based renewable energy company is the builder. The school has a lease spanning two decades with Johnson-Melloh Solutions, and the expectation is that the solar project will pay for itself in just over two decades.

The idea for this large solar park started when a school board member began utilizing solar energy on his farm. He proposed the concept, and needless to say, people were interested. The district initially wanted to build a solar array twice the current project’s size, and to sell extra energy to Indiana Municipal Power Agency, according to Emsweller. Unfortunately, a deal could not be reached.

However, things are looking bright. The solar park is taking off, and it is offering many opportunities. Thanks to monitors throughout the schools, faculty, students and guests have the ability to get a visual of how the energy is generated from the solar array. There is also a website demonstrating the farm’s live energy production. Thus far, roughly 24.4 megawatts of energy have been produced by this solar project. Here are some real-life examples of what this number means – 24.4 megawatts would be equal to 16 trees. It would equate to more miles than you likely put on your car in a year – 15,285 miles!

Teachers are going above and beyond, too. They have been participating in summer training to learn more about the solar array and how they can use it to educate students about solar power. Clearly, this project offers plenty of learning opportunities, while being good for the environment.

It will be fascinating to see how solar continues to change the world we live in. Is solar power being used in your community to make a difference? How could renewable energy be beneficial for your home or school district? The benefits to going solar clearly seem endless – there are low maintenance costs involved; it is a renewable energy source we won’t run out of; it offers diversity in terms of application; and of course, it lowers electricity bills.

Follow solar news to see how other school districts are taking advantage of clean energy – and think about how your neighborhood could benefit from going solar, too!



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