New York Is All About Solar

A 2.3-MW solar array is now finished and operational in Tompkins County, NY. It happens to be the biggest community solar project, so it is worth checking out!


Over in Tompkins County, , the biggest is now finished and completely operational, as per New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. This large-scale community project is in the Town of , where more than 370 households and even a church are using a solar array.

Here’s the Scoop: New York’s Biggest Community Solar Project

What does New York’s largest community solar project entail? To start, we are looking at a 2.3-MW solar array, to be precise, and it is supportive of Governor’s Cuomo’s mandate for 50 percent of consumed electricity to come from renewable sources over the next 12 years. By 2030, the plan is for half of all electricity to come from solar. If things continue in this direction, this is totally achievable. Community development and economic growth are associated with the huge community solar array, too. It seems to truly be a win-win for everyone!

Governor Cuomo discussed the benefits of clean energy, and how it is important to fighting climate change and protecting the environment. He views the community solar project as a continuation of a commitment to a green future.

A Massive Solar Array

The community solar array consists of more than 6,800 spread across 13 acres. And there are more than hundreds of households involved – Our Lady of Good Counsel in Endicott (a Catholic church) is also a part of the impressive project, as previously mentioned.

and developed the solar array. BlueRock Solar General Manager, Michael L. Francis, discussed how the solar project is set up in such a way that it is subscription style. What is more, it offers a cheap, simple way for customers to go green. There is no initial payment required to join, nor do customers need to undergo a credit check. Knowing some are opposed to signing into long-term contracts, customers can sign a contract for just one year. Really, the program is beneficial and attractive to everyone.

Renovus Solar has an admirable objective, and that is to bring solar to the masses. According to President Joe Sliker, each watt of solar power developed with partners (for instance, BlueRock) helps to get NY even closer to energy infrastructure goals.

has a $1 billion initiative – NY-Sun – to progress the scale-up of solar and get the state nearer to having a maintainable, self-reliant solar industry. Interestingly, over the last seven years (in New York State alone), solar has increased more than 1,000 percent. It has leveraged close to $2.8 billion in private funds and has provided more than 12,000 individuals with solar jobs.

Solar Installations Galore!

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority has supported over 84,000 solar installations across New York State. There are more than 5,000 relevant projects in the pipeline today, too, to include 700 MW of community solar. New York was actually ranked number three nationally in regard to non-residential and residential solar installed in 2018 (through June). In July and August alone, New York completed 80 megawatts of solar projects. This is the highest amount finished in the course of two months in the history of the state.

Clearly, New York is on a positive, bright track. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens down the road. Clearly, its residents want to embrace clean, renewable energy, and this is something more individuals and corporations will hopefully jump on board with and follow suit. Clean energy and its components and products are becoming part of modern-day transformations across the globe. Energy-efficient homes are certainly something to take note of – maintenance-free energy, moreover, is a concept many are drawn to and it’s easy to see why!

Stay on top of solar news to be kept in the loop – you don’t want to miss out! What changes are being made in your community? What are you doing to go green? Tapping into green, clean energy is becoming more and more attainable as time goes on. Making the grid more resilient and lessening contribution to aspects involved in climate change is both significant and obligatory. It’s time everyone does their part to make the world a better place.




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