NYSBA Near 50% Renewables as the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge is Brought Solar

NYSBA is already getting close to its goal of 50% renewable energy with solar by 2030


The NYSBA is a public benefit corporation in New York state which started with the first bridge over the Hudson River. Starting with the link of the city of Hudson and the village of Catskill across the river, the benefit corporation has continued its expansion over the years. It now has further developed and operates five bridges along the Hudson River north of New York City.

Governor Cuomo started the $1 billion initiative for the advancement of upgrades in New York State. The entire state is intended to move toward complete reliance on sustainable, renewable , including solar. Nearly $3 billion in investments and 12,000 statewide jobs is a 1,000 percent growth. The people and economy of New York currently benefit incredibly from this solar energy effort, and there is much more to expect from it over the coming years.

The NYSBA is working with Active Solar Development, LLC and the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) in building this solar project. This includes installation, operation and maintenance of the solar panels and all connections to the local power grid of Central Hudson Gas & Electric. Additionally, the NYSBA has received consultation from EarthKind Energy on the production of solar energy as well as bidding, contracting and management for the project as a whole.

NYSBA is already getting close to its goal of 50% renewable energy by 2030. In the five bridges it operates over the Hudson River, the construction of a solar farm at the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge soon begins. This system will provide approximately 26% of the energy used by the authority, leading to this amazing step ahead of the agency’s renewable energy goals.

Beginning this solar project, the NYSBA has recently converted all street lights to LED sources and light bulbs to help reduce the amount of energy used on the streets. With those steps the bridges are already much more energy-friendly and cost-friendly. The first half of the NYSBA’s part of the Clean Energy Standard was complete earlier this year with these light upgrades already initiating the first 22% reduction in energy use.

Director Joseph Ruggerio has announced that this is not the first renewable or solar energy project to date, placing the NYSBA far ahead of that 2030 goal date set for becoming 50% dependent upon renewable energy sources, especially with the amount of solar coming from this project. Reported at the beginning of their project, with already 22% renewable energy in use, the NYSBA will reach 48% of renewable power upon the completion of the solar energy for this bridge.

Recently construction on the $117,000 solar array near the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge was initiated, leading to complete by the end of 2018. This 486-kilowatt structure near the Kingston side of the bridge is where 26% of the authority’s energy will be produced, with estimation of complete cost being recovered over the next 13 years.

The NYSBA project is part of New York Governor Cuomo’s Clean Energy Standard, from which originates the standard of 50% renewable energy sources by 2030. Solar is a large part of this project, demonstrating efforts to fight climate change, air pollution and make a turn toward much more reliable energies. NYSBA Chairman Richard A. Gerentine presents this as a positive advancement toward the governor’s “50 by 30” solar and overall renewable goal.

Apparently, climate changes have been experienced directly in New York, especially after Hurricanes Irene, Lee and Sandy passed through. With the physical and environmental devastation brought through the United States there is much more to generate in creative ideas for the advancement of clean energy use and solar power initiation throughout our future.

Director Ruggiero has stated that the governor is leading New York State ahead of the nation in the pursued use of renewable energy, greatly reliant upon solar power. With the desire for an overall change, at least with the goal of progressing to 50% renewable energy sources by 2030 much is seen in the potential reduction on fossil fuels and the generated electricity. Resulting from that would be reduced greenhouse gas emissions and slow improvement of air quality and environment as a whole over the years to come.

With all solar projects being constructed through the project across the state, Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is fueled by the NY-Sun Grant program. With these grants the government is able to work toward the development and growth of renewable solar energy in society, allowing New York to play a leadership role for the rest of the nation. As of now, it is planned that the NYSBA has locked in a fixed price of 10 cents per kilowatt hour for the next 20 years for the energy generated in this solar project. That is an incredible deal and something that many other locations can look forward to achieving in the near future.



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