California Headed Towards 100 Percent Solar-Powered Utility

“Let the nation and the world take note: a bright, prosperous and 100 percent clean energy future is 100 percent possible,” declared Adam Browning, co-founder and executive director of Vote Solar in Oakland, California last month.


His claim is bold, yet factual. His enthusiasm stems from the SB100 bill in California being passed by the Assembly this past August. The SB100 bill specifically pertains to the future of in California and proposes a groundbreaking plan for solar implementation across the entire state. 

One of the primary provisions laid out in the bill pertaining to the specifics of how solar energy will be generated and distributed. Primarily, hydropower solar plants along with carbon capture plants will allow California to make the shift to a more sustainable energy utility. The pressure from environmental activists in recent years for officials to take into consideration the impact of non-solar energy utility is finally paying off.  

According to the bill, California will need to work toward providing 100 percent solar and renewable energy for electricity utility within the coming decades. The plan laid out in the SB100 bill states that at least 50 percent of the electricity provided statewide will need to be from solar energy sources. By 2030, at least 60 percent must come from solar or renewable energy sources. The goal is to have 100 percent solar energy coverage statewide by 2045. The plan is ambitious, but not impossible given the needs of California and the possibilities solar power provides. According to experts in the solar energy field and leaders in overburdened states like California, this solar energy plan is necessary and imperative. 

The Leader of Solar-Powered States 

Adam Browning told Renewable Energy World that California is a leader in so many innovative and entrepreneurial fields, that it makes sense for them to also lead the next generation of solar energy innovations on a statewide level. The effects of climate change and other environmental shifts of this century have been felt particularly hard in California, adding to the urgency of moving towards solar energy utility. He is confident that this bill, along with other solar power advocacy initiatives across the state will ultimately benefit California residents and the state’s energy sector as a whole. 

Next Steps for Solar Implementation 

Now that the bill has passed through the Assembly, it will move on to the Senate. After a vote, depending on the outcome, it will then go to the Governor for a final signature. Proponents of solar energy are holding their breaths in hopeful anticipation that this bill will pass. Environmental activists and solar power innovators across the state will continue to echo the benefits of omitting the use of fossil fuels in favor of solar energy. California has reached a critical point where action to remedy the crisis is now non-negotiable. The ultimate solution is solar power and we are finally seeing real action be taken to implement solar power on a large and state-saving scale.  

Undoubtedly, the state’s provisions will serve as an example for other states in the nation. With California leading in so many other sectors, it is likely state’s will look to California in the coming decades for how to best solve their utility problems. Moving forward, it will require the cooperation of multiple departments, leaders, and advocates to carry out the plans implemented in this groundbreaking solar power bill. The primary goal should remain on saving the state’s deteriorating beaches and other environmental staples. Air quality in California alone is enough to spark major action on behalf of state leaders. Solar power advocates state and nationwide assert that now is the time to act. With little changes year to year, residents and businesses will be able to adjust. Over the span of the coming decades, it is the hope that solar power will reshape California’s utility sector as a whole. The SB100 bill is a positive omen that solar power is finally becoming more and more widely recognized as the superior method for utility. This bill marks an exciting time for not just California, but states nationwide, as well.  




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