Beverage Distribution Company Taking Advantage of Solar Energy

Freedom Solar Power and Brown Distributing Company came together earlier this year for a project that was the first of its kind in Texas.

File image from Solar Daily of Brown Distributing company site with a rooftop solar array installed by Freedom Solar Power

Across the United States and other countries worldwide, power and renewable  providers are joining together with local businesses to revolutionize the way these businesses and their owners manage their day-to-day operations and facilities. Many large companies across the United States are seizing the benefits of working with solar power companies in order to provide the best possible services for their customers. Two particular companies in Austin, Texas are no exception to this recurring standard in the solar power field. Freedom Solar Power and Brown Distributing Company came together earlier this year for a project that was the first of its kind in Texas. Brown Distributing Company is now the first beverage distribution center to establishment in the state of Texas to build a facility with solar technology in mind. 

A One-of-a-Kind Solar-Powered Facility 

Freedom Solar Power assisted Brown Distributing Company with constructing an impressive fully solar-powered building made up of 1,458 high-efficiency rooftop solar panels. Additionally, the structure itself will save Brown Distributing Company a considerable amount of money. The use of solar energy will almost immediately reduce facility utility costs for Brown Distributing Company. The building is also set to pay itself off over the next several years due to the cost reduction benefits of using solar energy compared to other utility alternatives, such as gas and coal. The building houses not just distribution operations, but corporate offices and warehouse storage space, along with vehicle storage for more than 420 vehicles. The warehouse itself features 125,000 square feet of space that is climate controlled, along with nearly 10,000 additional square feet of space of refrigerated storage.  

Solar Energy Enthusiasm 

CEO of Brown Distributing Company, Bret Biggart, expressed a lot of enthusiasm when he spoke about the solar-powered innovations that are now the set standard for his business facilities. He has long since been aware of the federal tax credit decreasing year-by-year, and remarks that this had been a major incentive for him to move forward as quickly as possible with the construction of the company’s solar-powered facility. Biggart stated that remaining competitive in his business meant acting promptly when the solar energy opportunities presented themselves. Constructing a facility that would be marketable by keeping up with these innovations was his initial vision for the project that has, now, ultimately come into fruition. 

Vice President, Laurie Brown, expressed a similar enthusiasm to her fellow leader at Brown Distributing Company. She primarily spoke of the financial benefits of solar power, as well as the positive environmental impact that occurs when more businesses choose to use solar power or renewable energy. She stated that the company, “take[s] great pride,” in the decisions that have been made to ultimately push the business forward in a positive and sustainable direction. Brown Distributing Company, according to Brown, is committed to protecting the environment and promoting cleaner communities.  

Both Brown and Biggart, as well as the rest of the team at Brown Distributing company, now enjoy the benefits of a brand new, custom solar-powered facility. Moreover, their customers now experience high quality products at an even more efficient and affordable rate than ever before. Their example and leadership pave an admirable path for other distribution centers to follow as solar technology becomes more integrated with business and commercial properties. 

Expanding Positive Impacts of Solar Power 

Along with their incredible solar-powered facilities and teaming up with Freedom Solar Power, Brown Distributing Company also joined forces with Austin Energy’s Load Cooperative and the GreenChoice programs in Texas. Freedom Solar has worked with multiple commercial businesses locally, such as Office Depot and Whole Foods, to build the same solar-powered structures. Through these collaborations, Brown Distributing Company is now able to recycle over 200,000 pounds of waste products, such as plastic, carboard, paper, and glass, each year.  

Brown Distributing Company, with their mission to provide excellent services and products for their customers, embodies an example for businesses everywhere to follow, as well as the encouragement to use solar technology. In the coming years, it is likely that more and more businesses will start to implement these same green practices for their own facilities and operations. 




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