Half-Priced Solar Panels Offered by Victorian Labor

One way to push the use of solar is to offer discounted products – and that’s exactly what Victorian Labor is doing. Get ready for half-priced solar panels!


The state Labor government in has made a promise as part of the election process: all Victorian home owner-occupiers will receive at half their normal price. In other words, they will be able to install panels on their homes at half the cost! The total funds available for this project are around $1.24bn.

A Win-Win Scenario

, the , presented this ambitious plan on Sunday in Moorabbin (a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). He promised that around 650,000 homeowners would be able to receive $4000 each in case they want to install solar panels on their homes. The funds will be available for up to 10 years in the state. The people who take advantage of this scheme will pay back half of the cost in four years and the money will come from the savings brought by the solar panels.

Impressive Cost Savings

According to the Labor premier, the new solar project will save each household roughly $900 every year. The premier is aware that many families in the state are struggling to make ends meet, and hopes the solar project will help ease things for these people. He pledges his government will take action if re-elected.

Unfortunately for renters and landlords, they will not be able to take advantage of this solar project. However, there are federal solar incentives these people can access for their investment properties, according to Andrews. More announcements are also planned in the near future.

Households who have already started to implement solar panel solutions will immediately gain access to a fund of approximately $68 million. The people will get half of their investment from this solar fund until the rest of the project receives funding.

A new agency will be created: Solar Victoria. It will use approximately 4,500 electricians who will install the solar panels. These electricians will be accredited with funds from the government, so customers won’t have to spend money for the solar accreditation process.

Note: not everyone is eligible to receive funding under the proposed solar project. To be eligible for the grant scheme, the family must live in their own home and have an income of less than $180,000. Also, the home must be valued under $3 million to receive help under the solar grant scheme.

According to various sources, the solar project will bring the total number of homes which generate solar electricity to one million in Victoria. The announcement comes after Andrews noted that privatization of the power plants in the state failed the citizens. Apparently, the electricity bills went up. However, the state is not interested in buying back the power plants (including solar plants).

So, instead of buying back the power plants, the state is looking to install solar panels on as many roofs as possible. In other words, efforts are being made to make sure the people pay less for their electricity. In theory, everything sounds great. But like with all solar projects, there is the potential for things to go sideways.

There are also some people who are already voicing their opinion against the solar panel grants. According to , the spokesman of the opposition, Daniel Andrews did not explain how he will make sure the families who apply for the solar panel grants will be protected against telemarketers and inexperienced installers. According to the opposition, installers with little to no experience will surely flood the market and will severely affect the impact of the solar panel scheme. According to David, telemarketers will soon start to bother people at all hours of day and night.

Hope for the Solar Panel Grant

Until this aforementioned scenario happens (if it does happen), there is hope that the solar panel grant has a chance. On paper, things look good. If one is eligible for the grant, they will receive half of the cost of installing solar panels. This is great for Victorian families who are barely making ends meet every month.

However, there is more work to be done to ensure these persons receive quality solar panel installation services from experienced professionals. Only time will tell how things might play out, so continue to follow solar news to stay in the know. How is the use of solar being pushed in your community? What is your state doing to make going solar a breeze? It certainly seems as though efforts are being made across the globe to encourage individuals and businesses to go solar!






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