Expanding Solar Power Technology to Queens, New York Residents

After successfully providing solar power installation and management services for residents of Long Island for the past 15 years, a company named EmPower Solar has expanded its services this year and opened a new location in Queens, New York.


With nearly 15% of all of Empower ’s projects in New York City, it made sense for them to open a location that better serves the needs of one of their larger and growing customer bases. There are several exciting and incentivizing reasons why the resident of Queens, New York will benefit from EmPower Solar’s presence and locally provided solar power services. 

As CEO of EmPower Solar and a Queens resident himself, David G. Schieren has both professional and personal reasons for wanting to elevate this community through the use of solar technology. He expressed pride in New York City for recognizing that, “now is a special moment in time to accelerate solar in our region.” He went on to explain that there are a great number of benefits, for the city and Queens residents alike, that will come about with further implementation of solar technology in the Queens region. 

Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency 

Solar power and renewable energy resources benefit homeowners by offering immediate savings. One particular service that will directly benefit Queens residents in this way is EmPower Solar’s use of community grids. These grids are managed by EmPower Solar and allow residential customers to opt-in to solar energy services, without necessarily having to acquire equipment or make room for solar power panels on their property. The limitations of solar power in the city in the past have primarily been due to the lack of roof space. Thanks, however, to innovations such as using carport and roof-top canopy spaces, this has helped solve the problem of inefficient roof space and allowed for sharable solar panels among various buildings. 

Tax Credits 

Along with solar technology being more efficiently delivered than ever, in 2018 the benefits of using solar technology in the city became even more appealing. A set of recently passed tax credits for New York City residents increased interest in and desire to use solar power substantially. Those residents that utilize rooftop and carport solar panels in particular, according to the New York State Research and Development Authority, will be offered this tax credit. More residents are now inclined to take advantage of these tax cuts by making use of solar technology, which is becoming easier and more appealing every year.  

Expertise All in One Area 

EmPower Solar will be able to provide the residents of Queens with the implementation of solar-powered technologies that will directly benefit them and their families, and also be able to assist during this time of change and continuing innovation. EmPower Solar has plans set in place to create more community-based solar innovations, such as electric vehicle charging stations. They also plan to enter into business partnerships to allow local businesses to take advantage of similar technology to reduce their utility costs. To enhance their business and residential assistance services, EmPower Solar also plans on incorporating backup power systems for the most reliability. 

More Opportunities for Queens 

EmPower Solar, apart from changing how residents receive and consume their utility, is also benefiting the city via employment opportunities. Empower Solar plans to add at least 20 employees this year to their team. This is encouraging, as it is likely that multiple businesses across the solar power sector will increase their employees substantially as solar popularity increases. It is likely that more and more specialists will be needed to accommodate the already high demand for solar energy across the city and state.  

With Queens now having access to some of the latest innovations, the health of the city’s economy will improve, while unemployment rates will be expected to go down. The demand for the latest solar technologies is set to increase dramatically in the coming years, especially as communities become more concerned about utility efficiency, as well as maintaining environmental integrity. EmPower Solar, with their innovative solutions, is helping the residents of Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities take full advantage of what solar energy has to offer 




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