German Company Testing Solar Car That Charges While You Drive

Production of a solar car that charges as it is being driven is going to start in 2019, thanks to a German start-up focused on innovation and convenience.

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A start-up in Munich is taking things to heights thanks to the power of the sun – well, a strong Bavarian sun, that is. is in the last stages of development for the charging system of its all-electric solar vehicle, a car which is going to allow drivers to charge it as they are driving.

Electric cars continue to become more and more popular as their cost goes down and the range they are able to offer goes up. What do you need to know about this particularly innovative ? For one, if you’re driving most electric vehicles, it is important to have enough charge before hitting the road. If there are not any charging stations to be found on your route, you could end up stuck on the side of the road – and no one wants that. But this innovative could make certain that motorists never have to worry, because this unique solar car is able to charge up as one is driving.

While might not quite make its objective of having one million solar electric vehicles on the road within the next two years, it was reported back in April by the government that the country wanted to support companies with a renewable or solar-focus. Simply put, Germany supports companies that produce batteries for electric vehicles. The country is certainly off to a great start when it comes to taking things to solar heights through innovation, intelligence and creativity.

What is Sono Motors?

Sono Motors was founded fairly recently, back in 2016. It is in the development stages of the Sion, a completely-electric solar vehicle with solar cells assimilated in its bodywork. It can be charged by means of solar power or from conventional power outlets. But the bodywork having solar cells integrated into it is certainly worth discussing – just pull up photos of the Sion solar car online and you will see how futuristic these actually look. The solar car looks like something one might see in a movie. Now, it’s becoming a reality.

Sono Motors has seen a great deal of orders already (more than 6,500, to be exact). And production is going to start around the summer of 2019. The goal is to sell the orders at 16,000 euros next year (or just over $18,500 USD). If you think about how much money could be saved by driving a solar car, then this price is even more appealing.

How Will Sion Work?

This fascinating solar-electric vehicle is going to have 330 solar cells on its roof, sides and bonnet. Moreover, its battery system is anticipated to offer a range of roughly 250km, or up to more than 150 miles, before recharging is needed.

Co-founder and chief executive of Sono Motors, Laurin Hahn, describes the solar electric vehicle as having “no frills.” She mentions that there is a seat heater, air conditioning and so on. Having a full vehicle is important to many, and this solar car will offer consumers what they want. Who could argue having heated seats?

Why the Interest in This Particular Solar Car?

In addition to this solar car having air conditioning, a seat heater and so on, it is captivating to consumers because it does not only rely on solar power. Consumers will have flexibility, as they will be able to charge this solar car using conventional power outlets, too. As a matter of fact, they could charge the solar car through other electric cars, as previously mentioned.

If you are looking to focus more on clean energy in your life, perhaps you will want to consider a solar electric car in the near future. You would surely receive a great deal of attention driving it when other motorists notice the bodywork with its futuristic-looking solar cells. But attention aside, you would be making a positive difference for our beautiful planet. Continue to follow solar news to stay in the know when it comes to ultramodern solar concepts being developed, like all-electric solar cars.


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