Customer Experience in Utilities Improved Thanks to Solar


In our current age of and renewable , utility companies in particular have a unique opportunity to improve the overall customer experience for their user base. By using new solar powered technology, providing essential basic needs such as gas and electricity has never been easier. Solar energy and other solar power resources have proven to be invaluable assets for utility companies. Every day, utilities nationwide are taking advantage of renewable energy and solar power innovations, both for the sake of savings and customer satisfaction. Learning to incorporate the most current innovations in regard to solar power and renewable energy is critical for electric and gas companies in order to provide the best possible services. As these technologies advance, the use of renewable energy is becoming continually more common on a broad scale. 


What are the primary ways utility companies incorporate solar and renewable energy? According to the SEIA, the Solar Energy Industries Association, utility-scale solar power is becoming more and more widely available and utilized, (SEIA, 2018). Additionally, customers themselves are becoming more concerned with the source of their energy usage and more curious about solar power in general. Green technology is becoming an increasingly debated topic and of more concern to the general public in recent years overall. Solar energy alleviates heavy burdens not just for the utility companies themselves, but their customer base by reducing overall costs and increasing efficiency. The more customers learn of the latest technologies and their benefits, the more important it will be for energy companies to adequately implement these systems. 


According to General Electric (GE), one of the most widely renowned energy providers and leaders in the solar energy field, currently uses onshore and offshore wind turbines to successfully harness renewable energy. Through the use of several different models of turbines, GE has effectively established this new technology within their current solar energy programs and efforts. Additionally, technologies like hydro solar power involve the use of water plants and massive hydro turbines and generators to harness renewable energy. The hydro turbines and generators, in particular, use the motion of running or falling water in order to generate power. This is extremely efficient and cost effective. GE also ensures that any facilities utilizing the latest solar energy procedures are built and maintained in a way that focuses on longevity, reducing the costs for the company itself and the customer, as well. 


One particularly relevant solar power technology helping utility companies improve business worldwide is biomass solar energy. According to the Biomass Power Association (BPA), biomass solar energy uses the power of organic waste, particularly wood waste, to produce usable energy. This renewable solar technology is reliable and cost effective without harming the environment. In fact, biomass solar energy actually helps improve forest and air quality by turning forest waste into energy and reducing the risk of forest fires by eliminating the need for open burns of waste. 


Along with the primary mass-scale solar power plants and renewable energy sources utility companies are also incorporating technological advancements that compliment and facilitate their usage of solar and renewable energy. For example, many utility companies are now using cloud technology within their corporate and business sectors, along with electronic vehicles and enhanced physical and cyber security. Additionally, biomass technology specifically has opened up a new field in the solar power industry, producing better solutions overall, while also providing jobs within a beneficial and important field.  

The landscape of the energy production methods being used by utility companies has forever shifted with the introduction of more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable solar energy technologies. Additional advancements in technology, such as cloud computing and cyber security also play a role among some of the larger and more apparent advancements. Behind-the-scenes at GE and other solar power plants across the country ensuring security of both the latest technology, but also customer data and information. These innovations combine together to produce the most efficient and trustworthy solar and renewable energy worldwide.  




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