Huntington’s Biggest Solar Panel Project Is In Motion

The biggest solar panel project in a WV city is undergoing installation at a nonprofit aiding the homeless – it will make a difference in more ways than one.


Renewable is becoming the talk of the town – well, it’s becoming big all over the country. The biggest project in , WV is now undergoing installation at , where 115 solar panels are being set up. This undertaking is large in size, but massively important, too. Read on to learn why it is such a big deal.

What is Harmony House?

Let’s start with Harmony House. This is actually otherwise known as the Cabell-Huntington Coalition for the Homeless, and it has three entities in one building. It is located in the 600 block of 4th Avenue. According to the agency’s director of development, , the three entities consist of the shelter, the Vanity Fair apartment complex, and the administrative offices. He believes the huge project will cut electricity costs for a whole year when it comes to the administrative offices. As a matter of fact, the savings which would result from the solar panels are potentially huge – over the course of just over two decades, they would be looking at possibly saving $130,000 in electric costs.

These savings would guarantee a strong financial outlook. The end goal is to help people who are homeless, and this solar panel project would help to accomplish this objective. Remarkably, the solar panel project is being funded by a donor wishing to remain anonymous.

Rosenberger said there were concerns regarding how the solar panel project would be paid for, until the anonymous donor stepped forward. Just one week later, they received a check for $65,000.

and are collaborators for this massive solar panel project. Solar Holler has started by replacing 400 light bulbs and lighting for exit signs with cost-saving LED bulbs.

Already, this alone is saving $182 per month. And the savings are going straight back into the programs offered at Harmony House. The hope is, according to Rosenberger, the solar panel project will serve as a model for other nonprofits. Harnessing the power of the sun and taking advantage of the benefits of solar panels is certainly a wonderful concept – seeing it in motion is even better. If other nonprofit organizations take note, perhaps they could end up saving money to be put right back into their programs. Using solar panels to make the world a better place is a respectable endeavor, indeed.

An Organization Out to Make Clean Energy Affordable

As per the founder of Solar Holler, , Solar Holler got its start just five years ago. It is a solar panel developer and installer in West Virginia. Since getting started just a few years back, they have collaborated with nonprofits to make solar obtainable and affordable. In regard to this particular solar panel project, everything from design, engineering and modeling to having electricians set up the solar panels has been accomplished. Solar Holler will likely work on roughly 100 more solar panel projects throughout West Virginia by the end of the year. The company stands out from other solar panel businesses, in the sense that they are inspired to utilize clean energy to revitalize West Virginia. This is a magnificent state with an abundance of natural beauty. Giving it a new lease on life can only make it better.

Rewire Appalachia, one of Coalfield Development’s initiatives, has worked with Solar Holler since its commencement, as per President Zach Drennen. Rewire acts as an installer of solar panels and assists with regard to training around the solar industry.

The solar panel installation project is anticipated to be finished within the next few days, at the time of this writing.

Solar Panels: Will They Go Down in History?

It is worth mentioning the interesting history surrounding the building receiving the solar panels. Apparently, in the 1930s and 1940s, Marshall College played basketball in the Vanity Fair Courtyard. Men would go to this place for physicals during World War II. Solar panels being installed 100 years later might one day become an important part of history, too.

Continue to follow solar news to learn more about Harmony House in Huntington, WV and how this solar panel project will benefit the needs of the homeless population. The installation of solar panels for offices and apartment complexes is hugely beneficial. Have you seen solar panels going up in your community? What steps could you take to use clean energy or to go green? The benefits of using solar panels just can’t be disputed – stay in the know because knowledge is power, and powering our world with clean energy is a step in the right direction!



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