Community Solar Project Could Fast-Track the Solar Shift

No matter where you live, you’ve certainly heard about the huge interest in going solar. Could community solar projects become the next big thing?


When it comes to renewable, clean , so many efforts are being made to really shift the planet in a direction. , is one place making big moves. This is a village moving closer to having a solar project which produces electricity for the community. This innovative project would add stability to utility costs for locals, as per Doug Dyskstra of Energy Solutions.

: What Does This Mean?

What exactly is a community solar project? Essentially, this is a compliant endeavor to produce solar power and let numerous customers on a local grid be a part of said solar project. It allows many customers, rather than just one or two, to partake in a solar project inside their community. Typically, these customers will earn credits on their utility bill as a bonus. Consumers, then, are able to take advantage of the benefits of solar and renewable energy without having to pay the sometimes high investment costs of owning their own system. Let’s face it – many want to go solar, but have concerns regarding footing the upfront investment costs associated with doing so. Community solar projects could really accelerate the shift toward solar across the globe by making it more convenient and affordable.

Introducing GenPro: An Established Company Taking Things to Solar Heights

GenPro has been around for more than a decade, and the company initially worked with solar powered submersible pumping, according to Dyskstra. In addition, the company has worked to swap out lighting for at least 50 schools across South Dakota and Nebraska, as they do work with LED lighting projects. The company has also been a part of lighting changes for communities, businesses and government facilities.

Moreover, GenPro has worked on projects in countries such as Swaziland, Haiti, Canada, Bahamas, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Turk Caicos, South Africa, Liberia, Nigeria, Panama and Pakistan – the list is certainly impressive. Clearly, there are changes being made all over the planet as people all over the world have the desire to fast-track the shift to solar and renewable energy. GenPro has served Aurora, Grand Island, Scottsbluff, Venango, Gothernburg and Central City in Nebraska, to name just a few hot spots. The company has really seen a shift to community solar, specifically in the state of Nebraska. And it is an innovative concept for the state, to say the least, as it is the only state in the country that has community solar.

Trade Tariffs: Is It Possible They Positively Impacted The Solar Shift?

You will certainly remember President Donald Trump and trade tariffs, as well as the headlines connected with this concept regarding the solar industry and Chinese solar panels. According to Dyskstra, all of this has actually worked to help stabilize the industry. How could that be possible? As per Dyskstra, many of the Chinese companies impacted went head and either locked in their rates or lowered their prices altogether, so it stabilized companies such as GenPro. This is something many might not have anticipated.

GenPro crews have worked to make community solar projects even more affordable by means of lower labor prices which come from qualified installation teams.

GenPro is undoubtedly a forward-thinking company. While other companies focusing on solar might have struggled in many ways, GenPro knew they could continue with the solar industry in America.

There are many persons who will argue that solar simply is not practicable. However, as the price of generation often fluctuates, being able to have a village-owned solar farm could help to stabilize rates for utility customers in the area.

Go Solar: It’s a Homerun

Solar certainly seems to be a good fit for Hemingford. Could it be a good fit in your neighborhood, too? It really does seem to be a homerun if you price everything out and look to the future. If the price to go solar matched what you are currently paying in electricity bills, would you make the shift? With a locked in fixed rate and payment, you can avoid the inevitable yearly 5% utility rate increase. Perhaps initially the costs would be higher, but let’s look to the future – eventually, rates would drop as demand charges go up.

Continue following solar news to stay in the loop as companies and individuals alike think of innovative ways to fast-track the shift toward solar while determining ways to save money for everyone. Going solar truly seems to be a win-win situation.


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