Solar Power: The Next Big Thing for Arkansas?

Arkansas is full of natural wonders, from Hot Springs National Park to scenic lakes. It’s no wonder Arkansans care about the planet – so they’re going solar.


is a beautiful place with an abundance of greenery and natural beauty. It is also a place filled with revolutionary ideas. Many know it as home to the first Walmart, opened by Sam Walton. The state might also be known for its severe weather conditions and storms, but there is much more to it. There are so many innovative individuals living here, and many of them are coming up with ways to better the planet. As a matter of fact, utility companies in Arkansas claim more electricity consumers than ever before are using to generate their own electricity! panels, of course, absorb the rays of the sun to generate electricity – solar panels are sometimes called PV panels, to be clear.

In a state with so much natural beauty, from the world-famous Hot Springs National Park to the serene hiking trails of Petit Jean State Park, it makes sense its people would want to do their part to protect our planet. is the latest way they are doing so. Solar is starting to pop up everywhere! A quick search online reveals solar-related concepts popping up across the country, and the world.

Giving Back With Solar

At the end of 2017, according to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, close to 1,000 households were feeding power back into the grid instead of solely using power. A large portion of those customers are located in Northwest Arkansas – roughly 400, to be exact. This happens to be close to double the numbers seen the year before, but according to the Arkansas Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities, the numbers are even more impressive than just that – you are looking at 40 times the amount seen roughly a decade ago in 2007.

Data from the Arkansas Public Service Commission demonstrates net metering at the end of 2017 could have ended up producing enough power for 1,000 homes – this equates to approximately 9 megawatts.

Solar Power: Making Moves in AR

Why is solar power becoming more popular in Arkansas? First of all, it is becoming more popular all across the globe. But if you were to ask solar panel installers, they would tell you they credit an interest in renewable, clean , decreasing costs, and industry marketing.

Solar truly is becoming huge. In general, the United States is using enough electrons from sunshine to provide power to more than 10 million homes, as per the Solar Energy Industries Association.

There is an obvious shift to solar happening worldwide. Any homeowner with an electric bill can make the decision to switch to solar power – and the decision makes a whole lot of sense when you look into how much money could be saved in reaping the benefits of solar.

Have you noticed the shift to solar in your state? Do you think we will get to the point that solar will be our primary source of power? Keep following solar news to stay on top of the latest developments – check out where your state ranks, too! It is interesting to see how we are using our natural resources to revolutionize the way we do things, to say the least. It looks as though there is no doubt solar will be the way of the future.





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