A New Solar Panel Pact Creates 50 Jobs in the Dayton Area

#Dayton locals are in luck – a new pact is about to create some #solar opportunities. New jobs in the solar sector will improve the city all around.


There is good news for residents. At the end of June 2018, two companies in Idaho and Vandalia struck a partnership that will see approximately 50 jobs created in the area. It may not sound like much, but it could be just the beginning. Every job counts and jobs in the panel sector are very important – not only for Dayton residents, but also for residents throughout the United States. More jobs means more money; and more money means higher living standards in the area. In addition, solar companies are paying taxes, which in turn are used to improve the area. Everyone will win, even though there are just 50 new jobs being created at this stage.

Technologies, an LLC based in Vandalia just entered into a strong partnership with a company called , an LLC based in Sand Point, Idaho. According to Montgomery County, Solar Roadways has contracted E-Mek to help it manufacture the , a patented technology of Solar Roadways. But what are these so-called solar roadway panels?

Solar Roadway Panels: Innovation at Its Finest

Solar roadway panels are modular panels that are full of solar cells. The solar cells capture sunlight and transform it into . The energy is then transferred to a heating element and used to melt snow. In addition, the roadway panels have LED lights which can be used to redirect automotive traffic and pedestrian traffic. In other words, Solar Roadways wants its solar roadway panels to replace concrete and asphalt surfaces on the streets.

E-Mek Technologies is a company based in Vandalia that works as a contract manufacturer. The company is able to manufacture the box build assemblies and printed circuit boards that Solar Roadways needs for its roadway panels. E-Mek uses advanced technologies like prototyping and through hole soldering to manufacture the parts in a cost-effective manner.

According to E-Mek’s marketing director, Jeff Harris, the company has been working with Solar Roadways for four years, during which time the two companies have had a very constructive relationship. The two companies managed to develop the solar panels together and set up a cost-effective and efficient production process. It looks as though E-Mek got in touch with Solar Roadways after company representatives saw a captivating video clip demonstrating Solar Roadways’ innovative product.

E-Mek is currently expected to supply Solar Roadways with all the printed circuit boards it needs to start production of the panels. According to the co-founder of Solar Roadways, Scott Brusaw, his company is very interested in making a comeback to Dayton.

The road panels will start being produced at E-Mek’s plant in Vandalia sometime in 2018. Because the project will create new jobs and because of the green nature of the product, Ohio state’s private development corporation – JobsOhio – has awarded $40,000 to E-Mek. The money will be used to purchase new equipment and to modernize existing equipment in preparation for the production of the roadway panels.

According to E-Mek, at least 50 new jobs will be created by this project and by the investment from JobsOhio. According to JobsOhio, the board has been impressed with the expansion of E-Mek and by its capable leadership. The printed circuit boards company has demonstrated it can manufacture affordable electronics that meet the demands of solar technology.

And E-Mek has acknowledged that none of it would have been possible without the talent in Montgomery County and without support from the state and JobsOhio. Both companies are set to begin production before the end of the year. Follow solar news to stay on top of the solar opportunities impacting Dayton!





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