Consumers Energy to Focus on Solar

#Consumers Energy intends on hugely increasing its use of #solar #energy by 2040, as it will stop the need for coal to provide electricity.


New laws and energy plans are coming into existence across the country. As part of the new energy law requirements in , plans on increasing its usage of energy over the next 22 years. It is believed, according to Consumers Energy CEO Patti Poppe, that solar energy costs will drop by the year 2040. Poppe thinks they will drop by 35 percent, to be precise. She believes solar is one of the absolute greatest solutions when it comes to providing electricity. If you’ve been staying on top of solar developments, you will know this is becoming a more common notion. Some of the most famous names on the planet are turning to solar – The Walt Disney Company, Target Corporation, Walmart and other huge corporations are reaping the benefits of solar power.

Consumers Energy To Focus on Solar: Why Does It Matter?

Consumers Energy happens to be the biggest provider of energy in Michigan. This is why the move toward solar is substantial. The state of Michigan requires the most power during summer days, when the temperatures are soaring – and of course, on days when the sun is just brutal, solar is readily available.

Working To Increase Solar Usage

As part of Consumers Energy’s innovative plan, the coal burning units close to Bay City should start to be shut down over the next five years. Actually, seven of the oldest coal-burning units have already been closed by the utility. The idea is for the company to file a strategy with the Michigan Public Service Commission in an effort to detail how it will go about meeting its goals. Overall, the main focus is on increasing usage of green or renewable sources, such as solar.

After 2040, the plan is for the utility to only keep its two natural gas plants in operation while expanding incentives as well as efficiency programs.

Both Consumers Energy and DTE Energy (another big energy company, based in Detroit) are dedicated to lessening their carbon emissions and they will strive to focus on solar and renewable energy.

The Future Is Bright, But There Are Still Solar Obstacles

There are still obstacles when it comes to going solar in America. Earlier this summer, the Trump Administration proposed a strategy to stop coal and nuclear power plants from being shut down. Why? Concerns regarding the national power grid’s resiliency to weather disasters was cited, not to mention that Trump promised to make an effort to save coal jobs.

If everything goes as planned, regardless of obstacles, by the year 2040 we will see improved (read: more of a focus on solar power) and a 22 percent decrease in electricity demand. Also by the year 2040, carbon emissions should drop by 80 percent from the levels seen in 2005.

More than 6.6 million residents are served by Consumers Energy in Michigan. Moves made by this company will have a tremendous impact. It is important to focus on how solar power can be taken advantage of to benefit the planet. If solar allows one huge company in Michigan to make a positive impact on the planet, then hopefully other companies will follow suit. Consumers Energy’s plan to increase renewable and solar energy usage in Michigan is sure to be impactful. We must be open-minded and continue to explore the innovative possibilities that allow us to live, work and thrive on a healthy planet.

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