Childcare School in Illinois to Have Solar Farm Installed

The future is bright at one special campus in Illinois, where sizeable #solar photovoltaic capacity is being installed. The project will save millions of dollars.


Child City and School, along with , has plans to install 2.8 megawatts of photovoltaic capacity to save money and to remove carbon emissions from the environment. Mooseheart Child City and School is a sizeable residential childcare and education community roughly 38 miles outside of Chicago that stands out as a unique educational environment. Why? Well, to start, students live on the campus, which is not something you see everywhere when it comes to young children. Mooseheart serves children in need from infancy through high school. Mooseheart is a place that steps in and cares for children whose parents are unable to.

A Set to Save Big Money

The solar project, funded by Moose Fraternity, is anticipated to save more than $2.5 million for the campus over the next two decades, while offsetting millions of pounds (114 million pounds, to be more precise) of carbon emissions – the numbers are absolutely substantial and are sure to have a huge impact. Progressive Group of Aurora, IL has contracted with Mooseheart to perform an examination of on-site energy effectiveness, with the goal to lessen total energy expense without negatively impacting the operating budget. It is an admirable undertaking, to be sure.

This solar solution lets the Mooseheart School install a solar array that is ground-mounted without having to foot an upfront cost. ForeFront Power is going to permit, design, install and finance the solar project over the course of two decades. The energy produced by the system will be paid for by Mooseheart, but the rate will be one which is expectable.

Gary Urwiler, the executive director of Mooseheart Child City and School, stated that the right opportunity was found thanks to ForeFront Power. He commented about how the campus would have been unable to afford solar without the help of the policies that are currently in place in Illinois, along with the PPA model without an upfront charge.

Urwiler explained that Mooseheart invested close to $11.5 million in 2013 for renovations to the school, and that they had the desire to do something different in order to impact the energy budget.

A Solar Project with a Huge Impact

The solar project offers many benefits to the Mooseheart students, too, as they will be able to see in what way the solar project functions and they will be able to have a firsthand experience with regard to viewing how the facilities throughout the campus are impacted by the solar project’s energy production. A kiosk that comes with the ability to carry out system monitoring will also be installed by ForeFront Power. Talk about taking things to solar heights!

The solar project is going to be created upon official accreditation to obtain Solar Renewable Energy Credits thanks to the 2016 Illinois Future Energy Jobs Act. The expectation is that the solar project is going to create more than 3.5 million kWh of electricity in its first operating year alone. If you are not familiar with this fashion of measurement, it is equal to approximately 6 million pounds of carbon emissions being removed, as per the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

The future at Mooseheart certainly is bright, as the campus is taking strides to have a solar impact on the world. Stay in the loop and learn about the latest solar projects to pop up across the globe. Solar really is a no-brainer and it can make a huge difference for our planet. It is wonderful that schools are on-board with solar, and want to not only reap its benefits, but also use solar as an educational tool for the students who will one day lead our world.



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