Large Companies Make a Big Commitment to Solar Energy

Who are the biggest players in America when it comes to the most Megawatts of installed solar capacity for large companies? 


If you follow news on a regular basis, you will have noticed that more and more companies are coming onboard as far as committing to solar panel electrical generation on a large scale basis. There have been a lot of articles which reference such popular companies as Google and Amazon going all out to greatly increase their percentage of solar power use.  

Despite these companies being in the spotlight as far as their commitment to solar power use goes, only one of the two is even in the top ten of installed solar capacity among the leading US companies. Some of the names on this list might even surprise you. So let’s see just who the biggest players in America are when it comes to the most Megawatts of installed solar capacity for large companies. 

Here are the American companies with the most installed solar capacity in reverse order from 10 to 1: 

10) 33.6 Megawatts of Installed Solar Capacity 

A few years back Amazon declared that the company set a goal of 40% of their use to come from renewable energy sources. It was a goal that the company easily met. With projects such as their 813,000 square foot solar farm in Las Vegas well underway the company hopes to hit their 2018 goal of over 50% of their energy use to come from renewable energy sources. 

It’s worth noting that Amazon is big into wind energy generation too.   

9) Macy’s: 38.9 Megawatts of Installed Solar Capacity 

This is one of the ones that probably surprises many of you. Most people do not think of retailers when it comes to energy conscious companies. But here is Macy’s firmly entrenched on our list of the companies with the largest solar energy generating capacity. The environmentally friendly retailer is heavily into diverting its waste from landfills too.  

8) IKEA: 44.9 Megawatts of Installed Solar Capacity 

Along with companies like Amazon, Google and Apple; IKEA is another company that has gotten a lot of publicity for trying to go green. There efforts toward this end reach out across the entire globe. The company has set an ultra-ambitious goal of fulfilling 100% of its energy needs from renewable energy sources by 2020. 

7) General Growth Properties: 50.2 Megawatts of Installed Solar Capacity 

Most people are not familiar with the company that checks in number 7 on our list but their large amount of installed solar capacity of solar generation is impressive nonetheless. For those of you that may not know General Growth Properties is a real estate trust headquartered out of Chicago, Illinois. 

6) Costco Wholesale: 50.8 Megawatts of Installed Solar Capacity 

The big warehouse membership company has taken an unconventional route to add to their high amount of installed solar capacity. They did not do it by building large solar farms like many of the other big companies on the list. Instead they covered over 100 of their huge membership warehouses with massive amounts of solar panels. 

5) Kohl’s: 51.5 Megawatts of Installed Solar Capacity 

Again a relatively large retailer comes in at a very strong 5th on our list of the American companies with the most installed solar capacity. This large megawatt solar capacity shows the commitment they have to using as much energy from sustainable sources as possible. The company also boasts recycling over 80% of the waste the retail giant produces (150,000 tons). 

4) Apple: 79.4 Megawatts of Installed Solar Capacity 

With Apple the amount of installed solar capacity of our next few big companies starts taking some huge jumps. Apple already claims that 100% of its international branch energy needs are already being met by renewable energy sources. They are achieving their renewable energy goals through innovative projects like covering the entire roof surface at Apple Park using solar panels. 

3) Prologis: 120.7 Megawatts of Installed Solar Capacity 

This real estate and supply giant has a very impressive amount of installed solar capacity to say the least. Most of it comes from completely covering its huge warehouse network with solar panels. 

2) Walmart: 149.4 Megawatts of Installed Solar Capacity 

You will find few companies the size of Walmart that are as committed to going green. In addition to the company’s massive amount of solar generating capability they also hope to cut emissions and greenhouse gasses the company generates by over 1 billion metric tons by the year 2030.  

  1. Target: 203.5 Megawatts of Installed Solar Capacity 

Last but certainly not least is this retail giant’s huge 203.5 Megawatts of installed solar capacity. It’s by far and away the biggest amount of installed solar total on our countdown. The company added an impressive 40 Megawatts of installed solar capacity in 2017 alone. 

Look for These Installed Solar Capacity Numbers to Grow Even Bigger in the Future 

It’s very impressive to see big companies that make enough money they don’t need to worry about where there energy comes from be proactive as far as using as much renewable energy sources as possible. With the ways these companies talk about the future and their green energy goals you can bet these solar numbers will only continue to rise as the years go on. Kudos to these large companies for being leaders in the push to use energy derives from clean, renewable energy sources. 




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