Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline is a couple days away from its deadline with the Canadian Government to resolve all financial and political issues from the construction of the pipeline.  

Over 236 civil societies from 44 countries have written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the pipeline and some of the problems that are going to come with the construction of it. Including, the problem of it expecting to triple the number of dirty tar sands being shipped from Alberta to British Columbia.  

Trudeau’s government has said that they will underwrite any and all losses incurred by Kinder Morgan because the nation wants the pipeline to be built. This has become one of the most toxic Canadian political issues recently, and the announcement for financial support has created international hostility to the plan.  

Earlier this year Trudeau and Bill Nye held a discussion at the University of Ottawa to talk about innovation and the Canadian federal budget of 2018. During the conversation, Nye asked about the Kinder pipeline and grilled the Canadian prime minister over the construction of it.  

Trudeau replied by saying, “We are going to have a transition phase while we develop alternatives to fossil fuels, so while we are developing alternatives to fossil fuels, we still need to be able to power our homes, our cars, our economy and we have to do it in the most efficient and non-polluting way.” 

He also emphasized the efforts by Alberta to put in place a cap on oil sands emissions and the federal government’s efforts to reach the targets to reducing emissions set in the Paris Agreement.  

A question he made during this conversation was, “How do we draw on fossil fuels in the short term or while we’re still dealing with the transition in a way that does not contribute to global warming?” 

Award-winning Canadian journalist Andrew Nikiforuk recently made the comment that he believes that Justin Trudeau is being held “hostage” by Kinder Morgan. “The Trudeau federal government has made itself a pathetic hostage to a Texas-based pipeline company known for its cheapness and debt.”  

Over 200 youths last Wednesday held a walkout in protest of the government’s support for the pipeline. Ta’Kaiya Blaney a student from Vancouver said, “This is a chance to show our elected leaders and Kinder Morgan that our lands, livelihoods, and future are more important than a pipeline.”  

The protesters unveiled a banner at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC with the tagline, “Canadian Leaders Don’t Build Pipelines”.  

Trudeau signed up for the Paris climate goals, but the oil burnt by the Trans Mountain Pipeline is going to increase the amount of carbon in Canada, which may lead to Canada failing to meet the standards.  

The Canadian government is receiving a redress of grievances from every possible environmental group in the country, because of the threat that the pipeline has in polluting clean air and water in the country.  

There is no sign that Trudeau is going to pull out of the pipeline and the government’s assistance of it. 





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