2017 Yielded Some Impressive Renewable Energy Related Job Numbers

It’s estimated that in 2017 over 10.3 million people were employed in renewable energy related jobs around the world. That is the first time in history that renewable energy related jobs topped the 10 million employee mark.  


It’s always a great sign when the numbers of people employed in renewable related jobs goes up each year. That often means more people of influence are aware that lessening our dependence on pollutant causing fossil fuels is a good thing for us and the environment.

This year’s numbers on renewable energy related jobs hold a lot more information than one might think too. They tell us much about how each part of the world is doing as far as the push they are making to install more renewable energy sources. Let’s examine the renewable energy job numbers in 2017 a little bit closer to see what other important world renewable energy information we can derive from these job figures. The figures were provided by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and distributed at this year’s 15th council meeting in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

Renewable Energy Again Is Tops 

Again this year the biggest renewable energy employer is by far solar energy. Solar related employment makes up some 3.4 million of the 10.3 million renewable energy employees. That figure is a nice 6% increase in solar renewable energy jobs over the previous year. 

Who were the biggest players when it comes to solar renewable energy jobs? Of course that continues to be the Chinese who are big into manufacturing and installing a very large amount of solar panels across China and in many spots in the rest of the world too.  

Rounding out the big solar employers by country are Japan, the USA, India and Bangladesh comes in a surprising 5th on the list. 

One thing to note is that these 5 countries make up 90% of the renewable solar energy workforce. It’s a gap that the rest of the world should try hard to close and other countries should use renewable solar energy as a means to lessen the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. 

Wind Renewable Energy Employment Remains Steady 

Employment in the wind renewable energy sector actually saw a very slight drop-off in 2017. 

Europe may not be a big player when it comes to solar renewable energy employment but they are the second biggest wind renewable energy employer behind China. Some 30% of the workforce for wind energy is made up of workers from the European countries. As a matter of fact, 5 of the top 10 wind renewable energy employers are European countries. 

Asia Remains the Biggest Regional Renewable Energy Employer 

China and the rest of Asia were strong players when it came to renewable energy jobs in 2017. Some 60% of all renewable energy employees came from this region of the world. Individual countries that were big renewable energy employers were of course China, followed by Brazil, the USA, India, Germany and Japan. 

China Once Again Leads the Way in Renewable Energy Jobs 

Once it again it was no surprise that China led the way in renewable energy jobs. Not only are they the biggest country in the world but they are also keenly aware how much renewable energy sources can help offset the nations huge demand for fossil fuel derived energy sources. 

Wind and solar panel related renewable energy jobs were particularly impressive as far as the Chinese go. Of the estimated 3.4 million solar panel related jobs across the world China accounted for almost 66% of them. The country employs over 2.2 million workers in photovoltaic solar cell related jobs. The numbers for China in wind related renewables were very strong too. They accounted for 44% of the world’s 1.15 wind related workers also (that comes out to over 500,000 wind renewable energy related jobs in China alone). 

Expect the Number of Renewable Energy Employees to Grow Again in 2018 

The outlook for renewable energy job growth in 2018 looks very favorable once again. This is because each year renewable energy technologies seem to get better and the price of them seems to go down too. So as public and private renewable energy use continues to trend upwards, so too should the job growth in this vitally important energy sector.  




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