Amazon and Google Are Taking Things to Solar Heights

#Tech firms such as the world-famous #Amazon and #Google are pushing power companies toward #solar and wind power – and this is fantastic news for the planet.


You probably don’t put much thought into doing things such as saving a picture to the cloud. Many of us do it every single day, multiple times a day. But did you know that when you do this, and when you stream a movie, you’re actually very likely pulling electricity from a farm or even a wind turbine? Your online streaming and downloading might actually be helping to build solar farms.

As per Business Council for Sustainable Energy, renewable has increased to 18 percent (from just 9 percent) of the United States energy mix. In large part, this shift comes from a quick build-out of cloud storage centers by companies. These companies know the public cares about using solar-friendly sources, and they know that running their cloud storage centers on solar power will improve their image. Customers are demanding eco-friendly changes, and major companies don’t want to lose the people who keep them in business. Therefore, they are working to meet ever-increasing demands for solar and renewable energy.

Your Favorite Companies Are Going Solar

As per Bloomberg New Energy Finance, last year alone, the four biggest corporate users of solar and renewable energy on the planet were , , Apple and Microsoft. And in an unprecedented move, Google announced that as of 2017, all of their data centers and facilities were running on 100 percent renewable electricity – how is that for taking business to solar heights?

Even companies such as GM, Budweiser and Walmart are on board with going solar. They are offering solar-sourced and wind-sourced power supplies and want to focus more on running their businesses off renewable energy, like solar. A growing portion of the marketplace is demanding green energy.

It isn’t just major companies that are focused on going solar, either. Last month, Apple claimed all of the electricity being utilized for its data centers and facilities came from renewable sources, such as solar. In turn, manufacturers Apple works with have communicated a commitment to using 100 percent renewable energy. According to Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, companies know that using solar or renewable energy is a competitive advantage.  Jackson stated, “They know they have an edge in competing for Apple’s business.”

Just a couple of years ago, Amazon wanted to build a new data center in Virginia – as a result of its pledge to using 100 percent renewable energy, a requirement was that electricity for the center had to be generated by solar or wind power.

Last month Microsoft revealed plans to double solar capacity in the state of Virginia. They publicized that they were contracting to buy electricity from a massive solar array in Virginia in what will be the biggest ever corporate acquisition of solar energy in America. Wow!

Data centers storing iCloud and Google Photos servers utilize just under 2 percent of the overall energy in the United States, in accordance with author of a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2016 report on data center energy usage, Arman Shehabi. But the call to source these from green energy has certainly changed things up.

The truth is that consumers care about going solar, and tech giants do, too. Maybe other companies will follow the lead of Amazon and Google in the future, and we will continue to take things to new solar heights. Stay on top of the latest solar news to stay in the know when it comes to the companies you love.



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