Sweden’s Government Ready to Increase Solar Energy Spending

The government wants to support #solar energy installation by adding 16 million euros in the budget for spring of 2018.


has been gaining traction across the globe. In , the prevalence of solar has led to a wait list for those who have filled out an application for state support in regard to solar panel installation. This is great news for solar, but perhaps a bit of a frustration for those eager to start using solar at home or in their place of work.

Government Spending Increase

There has been a planned increase when it comes to government spending, which would bring the total budgeted in 2018 for solar conversion to roughly 100 million euros. Who was responsible for putting forward this proposal? The answer: coalition allies the Social Democrats and Green Party and parliamentary ally the Left Party. Green parties have a tendency to adopt a liberal stance on social issues and leftwing positions on fundamental economic issues. They are also flexible in terms of who they will work with, as has been demonstrated in Sweden. Jumping onboard with a proposed increase in government spending on solar energy is something which will benefit everyone. Solar truly does seem to be the way of the future, so any additional support will go a long way.

Where Will The Money Go?

The increase in spending will provide funds which will be allocated in an effort to lessen processing times for solar power installation applications – in some places, as per TT (news agency), there is a two year processing time period.

Per Bolund, Minister for Financial Markets, told TT that they are noticing waiting times drop and the goal is to have them continue to fall.

In the past, there has been obvious disapproval of the government by the Centre Party for its pledge to support solar power systems. The Centre Party would like to swap existing provisions with a green tax grant. A measure like this would put the otherwise uninterrupted growth of solar energy at risk, according to . Bolund believes it would be a bad idea to tear up the system and start again, especially when so many are showing an interest in solar panels.

In Sweden, state support for solar panel installation can be applied for by public organizations, individuals and companies. The government wants to support solar energy installation through the addition of 16 million euros in the budget for spring of 2018 and it looks like this money will be well spent.

In other news, Sweden has a village which is set to become the first energy self-sufficient settlement in the country! Solar is clearly gaining popularity in Sweden, and it is fascinating to see just what is being accomplished. The expansion of wind power and solar energy will continue, and it is important that people jump onboard to better protect our planet. More investments in solar and renewable energy will mean a cleaner environment in addition to energy efficiency for businesses and individuals alike. Stay tuned and remain in-the-know when it comes to solar news.

Great things are happening across the globe – and right now, it’s all eyes on Sweden!







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