The Cooking World May Get A Little Greener Thanks To Solar

When combined with induction cooking, solar makes the greenest type of cooking possible.


One of the greatest achievements in cookware came in the form of induction cooking. There was just so much to like about it. It was a safe way to cook because there was no flame and therefore no smoke too. Even the burners on an induction cooker itself don’t really get hot. Despite all the great qualities of induction cookers they have one big flaw. They are not a very green form of cooking because the electricity that they use was predominantly derived from fossil fuel sources. 

That all could be about to change thanks to solar power generating technology and improvements in solar storage batteries.  

How Does Solar Power Fit In With Cooking? 

You may be wondering how solar fits in with cooking. That’s a fair train of thought to say the least. We mentioned that there was a new shift on towards safe and smoke free induction cooking. You don’t have to be a genius to see the advantages of this in many different cooking settings. The problem is induction cooking still uses up fossil fuels because it’s powered up off the grid. 

This is where solar generated power comes into play and when combined with induction cooking it makes the greenest type of cooking possible. The key here is to have solar batteries that are small but powerful enough to do such things as run an induction cooker for 2 to 3 hours a day. 

Who Can Benefit From This Solar Assisted Cooking Technology The Most? 

If you have done any amount of traveling around the world you probably noticed how many countries have thousands of people selling food out of mobile carts. For instance, this source of cheap food is so prominent and popular in Thailand many condos and apartments don’t even have cooking facilities in them. Another country where mobile food carts are rampant is India. Everywhere you look some street vendor is cooking and selling food out of a cart. Imagine how much greener these countries would be if all these food vendors did their cooking in food carts with cooking devices powered by dedicated solar batteries. 

Another group of people that would benefit greatly from induction cookers that were fed electricity by solar batteries would be campers. There would no longer be a need to bring charcoal with you when you are at a remote campsite with no electricity. Are you a boat owner who wishes that you had a safe way to cook on your boat when out fishing? Well this could be the answer right here for you, too. 

How Green Can Induction Cooking Combined With Solar Batteries Be? 

Imagine for a second the possibilities if street vendors all over the world switched to induction cooking where the electricity to power them was supplied by dedicated solar batteries. The environmental impact numbers could be staggering if this was ever brought to fruition. You would have less fossil fuel use, less pollution from smoke and these vendors’ carts would be safer than ever before. 

If solar technology was applied to cooking in India alone it could affect the way some 275 million households do their daily cooking. That’s a lot of green, smoke free cooking that would now be taking place in India. It’s really not hard to imagine the ripple effect on the environment if solar batteries were used to power cooking apparatus in many places around the world. 

So Simple It May Not Get Done 

The world unfortunately does not seem to be focused on cooking devices that are powered by solar energy like they are by cars that are powered by solar energy. This in itself is quite amazing since so many more people cook than drive cars. 

One other sticking point is that street vendors, campers and other solar cooking users would also have to purchase solar panels and solar batteries. It may just be cost prohibitive initially for some people in poorer countries like India despite the benefits it will give them when they are cooking food. 

It will definitely be something worth keeping an eye on because this solar battery powered cooking system could be a huge environmental game changer all over the world. 






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