Solar and Renewable Energy Growth Rates Not to Be Taken Lightly

Solar and renewable energy generation capacity more than doubled that of new fossil fuel generation plants coming on line in 2017


It seems like these days that most of the solar energy news that you read is about the technology or the promise of new technologies. While that’s great and it points to how aware scientists, investors and the public are about how important solar energy is to the future, most of it is still based on conjecture. Every once in a while it’s just nice to have some cold hard facts about how solar energy use is growing around the world. Well that’s exactly what you are going to get with this article.  

Sometimes experts tend to be a little harsh on renewable energy sources and solar energy production. That’s because when you look at the numbers as a whole in the energy world they don’t stand out that much, But when you look closer at the growth details about solar energy and other renewable energy sources you see how significant and amazing the figures really are. If you are a solar energy advocate, into renewable energy sources or a person who is into a greener earth you might even stand up and applaud after what you read here. 

Renewable Energy Sources Outpace Fossil Fuels in Growth 

One of the impressive things regarding renewable and solar energy capacity is that a United Nations report concluded that solar and other renewable energy capacity growth far outpaced the investment in fossil fuels in 2017. As a matter of fact, it was not even close as solar and renewable energy generation capacity more than doubled that of new fossil fuel generation plants coming on line in 2017. 

The UN report states that 157 gigawatts of renewable energy power sources came online in 2017 compared to just 70 gigawatts of new fossil fuel electrical generation sources. 

At the end of 2017 renewable energy sources accounted for more than 12% of the world’s electrical supply.  

China Stands Out In Solar Energy Production Investment? 

You certainly can’t overlook China in any discussion about the use of renewables and solar generated power. It’s a country that continues to make giant strides in the amount of solar electric and other renewable energy sources generating capacity that’s added there each year. 

For starters they led the entire world percentage wise on the amount of money they invested in renewable energy production. They came up just short of adding half of the entire world’s investment in solar and other renewable energy sources in 2017. China invested some 126 billion dollars in solar and renewable energy production in fiscal 2017. 

Not only is that great from a renewable energy standpoint but it also significantly lowers fossil fuel energy production in a nation where air pollution has said to kill a staggering one million people each year. 

Impressive Figures from Australia 

Many analysts say the solar energy numbers that are coming out of Australia need to be taken lightly even though on paper they look great. They say this because Australia was so far behind the rest of the world in solar energy production at one time that it makes their growth percentages exaggerated. Although this is partly true it still does not minimize the gains that Australia has made for itself in solar energy production.  

Judge for yourself when you see the numbers: 

In 2017 Australia increased renewable energy investment a staggering 147%. They went from investing 2.7 billion dollars in renewables in 2016 to investing 8.5 billion dollars in renewable energy sources in 2017 

Experts say that at a renewable energy source growth rate like that renewable energy sources can replace coal power generation in Australia in less than 20 year. 

Australia added 6 gigawatts of new residential and commercial solar power generation in 2017 alone.  

The Numbers Look Impressive from Most People’s Standpoint 

So there you have it. Some really likeable numbers are out there if you are a big fan of renewable or solar energy sources. Forget what the experts say and fossil fuels better look out because their little brother solar energy is growing up fast. It’s more and more conceivable than ever and looking quite possible that solar energy will someday produce more energy across the world than electric power generated by fossil fuels.   

That type of news is not only great news for those who are into promoting solar and other renewable energy sources but it’s also great news for society as a whole. 




Source  4/6/2018 


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