New York College Uses Solar For Half Of Power

A huge #solar project has been completed in New York – and it is one of the biggest for a NY college or university.


Colleges (HWS) and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority have publicized a new state-supported project – actually, it comes in as one of the biggest for a university or college – in NY. It is a 5 MW solar system. And this project is projected to make a huge difference in terms of education and clean energy benefits. Read on for more information as to why this is making solar news.

Thousands of Solar Panels To Support Clean Energy

This specific solar project is comprised of two different arrays. One array offers 2.5 MW of green energy. The first part of the project started back in the year 2016 (Route 14 in Geneva), and Gates Road in Seneca, the second array, was finished toward the end of last year. The two arrays boast thousands of solar panels – as a matter of fact, the number is a staggering 15,000. Combined, they form a 5 MW solar system – wow!

Hobart and William Smith Colleges is committed to an education centered around clean energy, and this solar project clearly supports their goal. Half of the electric needs of the campus will be met thanks to their large-scale solar project. In addition, students are going to learn about solar energy, which is always a benefit for both the planet and its future. The Chair of the Entrepreneurial Studies Program and economics and environmental studies Professor, Thomas Drennen, praises students from one of his courses for assisting in the evaluation of the solar project plans.

Vice president for finance and chief financial officer at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Carolee White, has stated “These solar projects are part of Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ [efforts] to reduce our carbon footprint.”

White added that financial savings and a pledge for environmental sustainability are important and she placed an emphasis on doing the right thing for the environment.

2030: A Great Year for the Planet

There is a mandate for 50% of New York’s electricity to come from solar sources by the year 2030, and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority claims that this project supports this. It is beneficial for Finger Lakes Forward, too, an economic proposal intended to be attractive to a capable workforce, which in turn will help drive origination.

CEO and president of New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Alicia Barton, stated that this solar project builds on the latest announcement made by Governor Cuomo that there has been a one thousand percent increase in solar power statewide.

Barton mentioned her support of Hobart and William Smith Colleges for pledging to lessen their carbon impact while also taking advantage of the chance to utilize this project as an enlightening means for students interested in solar.

Support has been coming in from everywhere. CEO of Dynamic Energy, Michael Perillo, is another individual who demonstrated his support. He stated that Dynamic Energy commends Hobart and William Smith Colleges for intensifying solar/clean energy efforts with solar farms. He believes that the solar initiatives are setting an example nationwide in regard to going green/solar.

According to vice president of energy finance for the energy solutions team at Key Equipment Finance, Doug Beebe, Dynamic Energy is leveraging tax benefits that make solar energy an option for HWS, by utilizing a solar tax lease.

Students & Solar A Win-Win

Hobart and William Smith Colleges believes that students will benefit tremendously from learning about the energy created by this solar farm. They will learn about how solar practices become reality.

New York State Energy Research and Development noted that the “Top 50 ” by The Princeton Review recognized Hobart and William Smith Colleges, which is wonderful! Hopefully other campuses will follow suit and turn to solar energy in an effort to make a positive difference for both students and the planet.




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